University Choices

I can quite safely say I messed up my decision with Uni when I was 18.

Problem was, I was burnt out. I was studying so hard for my A levels that the thought of University held no appeal whatsoever to me. Plus I had no idea what I wanted to do really and the support at my college was pretty terrible (great if you knew what you wanted to do but anything a little bit different and they didn’t want to know, the idea of a gap year was sacrilegious in their eyes).

So now I’m finishing a degree that I never really liked and will serve me close to no purpose in the future…hence why I’m doing a Masters to make my mistake up to myself.

The annoying thing is when you read articles like this: Tutors at the University of Derby have said they are hoping to discover the next Lara Croft with the launch of a new computer design course. and Derby Plans To Bridge Gender Divide In Gaming

If only I’d known about these courses when I was looking around, then again they didn’t exist at the time heh.

Annoyingly Derby don’t seem to do any Mscs or MAs in Computer Games Design otherwise I’d have applied to there over Staffordshire, but oh well.

Not really gamed much lately, been out of sorts thanks to a leg abscess so not really settled to much. Played a bit of the Tomb Raider Legend demo which is looking promising but not really played it enough yet to review. Same with Oblivion although that’s not really drawn me in yet.