Been rather a while

Hmm been a bit of a while, oops.

I’ve been pretty busy. Once I finished my Uni work I took on a lot of extra hours at work because I like the money. Besides that I’ve been trying to sort out accommodation for Stafford, getting my unconditional acceptance stuff though, got my degree results etc.

I got a 2.2, one bloody mark off a 2.1 so bit gutted there. But it’s all i need to get to Stafford.

It’s just annoying because I had such non existent tutoring for my dissertation throughout the third year but ah well. It happens I guess.

Have to make up for it with my Msc 😉

I’ve sorted out the loan for the most part, got to send the form off but worked out I need 7.5k eeeeeeek. Be worth it in the end though.

I’ve got a week off work at the moment which is nice but I can see it vanishing very fast. Monday was spent at a graduation do and recovering from a long weekend away drinking. Wednesday i’m off to visit relatives and the cinema in the evening, Thursday I’ve got a meal, back to work Saturday. Hmmm.

I miss my times gaming, I’ve lost the urge a fair bit lately, I think just because I’ve got out of the habit of it.

Not had a chance to start my C++ projects yet either :/ Grrr.

3 thoughts on “Been rather a while

  1. LostCorpse

    Glad to see your still alive and kicking, Rather annoying about that 2.2 with only one mark away sods law that grr. You go for it grab that MSC with both hands and dont let go thats to key to sucsess.
    Time of work always seems to vanish rather quikly unless something unpleasent happens in which case you just want to get the week over and just drags on & on. Well anyway hope you had fun.
    Good luck with the C++ i did a course last x-mas and havn’t had the chance to really use it and have forgoten most of it :(. On the bright sode with gaming at least you dont have to spend has much on subscriptions and new titles and what not 😀

    K’s later

  2. Christos Reid

    I’m still crapping myself about the first week of July, as if I miss out on a 2.1 it’ll be by a matter of a few percent.

  3. Haly Post author

    Hope you get the 2.1 🙂 Nothing quite as frustrating as just missing out.

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