Almost on my way

So that thing I’ve been aiming for all this time is almost upon me.

I’ve finished work, couldn’t get a transfer unfortunately but hoping to come back at Christmas and work my ass off so I can afford to not work in term time.

I leave for Stafford on the 17th September, not long at all now!

I’m hoping to make this blog a bit more full about then too, maybe make a bit of a photo journal of my time there 🙂

As it is now, for the next two weeks I’ve got plenty to sort out. Car to put through the MOT, TV license to buy, NTL installation to arrange, people to say goodbye to, relatives to say goodbye to etc.

And before I know it, I’ll be there!

Oh and yet again I’m considering a return to WoW. But I don’t really have the money 🙁 A mate is trying to persuade me to join up again though so we shall see. A lot will depend on payday come Friday.

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