All go

Not entirely sure if anyone is still reading….but I’ll have to relaunch once I finish Uni.

It’s been all go: Got accepted to Staffordshire (\o/) so been organising stuff for that like accommodation etc.

Other than that Uni work’s been manic in the run up to finishing Uni in about 3 weeks time.

I haven’t had much chance for gaming or pretty much anything other than some form of work. Just about to start a game of Chrono Trigger though so hopefully that’ll keep me busy in my few spare hours. Want to play Final Fantasy VII but i know if I start, I’ll end up forgetting to do anything else. 😉

1 thought on “All go

  1. wayofthetk

    Alright m8y still reading no worries there just wanted to say,

    n1 on the Uni thang, pennyless for another year, woo yeah

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