I don’t tend to post many links of my work on here any more (excluding on the Portfolio page which is in dire need of tidying up), but I’m quite happy with these two.

First of all, thanks to my complicated efforts in order to get hold of Xenoblade Chronicles on release day, I wrote about my experiences over at TheSixthAxis. I’m indebted to the features editor over there for allowing me to rant so readily! It was cathartic and excellent fun to write.

Entirely different form of writing comes my Vook game guide for Final Fantasy III. I wrote this up back in March/April and didn’t notice that it had gone up on iTunes until just now. While I don’t need a copy on my iPad for obvious reasons, I bought it anyhow just for posterity’s sake. It feels good to look in my iBook library and see something that I wrote!

Hopefully some other exciting links are coming up shortly too. Fingers crossed!