Work load, Aion account hacked and new laptop

It’s been an exceptionally busy time again. After my week or so off, things then got rather mental all over again.

So, since I last updated there have been reviews of Elven Legacy Siege, Elven Legacy Magic and James Cameron’s Avatar for Resolution, as well as an article on my GOTY. For there have been reviews of DiRT2 and Wii Yoga as well as articles on the best games for your iPhone, DS and PSP this season. There was Rumor Killers for TGR and the forthcoming Rumor Killers: Review of the Year. Oh and last but not least there were reviews of Age of Empires III: The Complete Collection and Spore Hero for VideoGameUK, and reviews of Dragon Age: Origins and Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues for RewiredMind. Phew!

In other news…

My Aion account got hacked, which was extremely annoying. I was lucky that thanks to a very helpful PR person who got me set up with the account in the first place, passed me onto someone associated with NCSoft. They got my account frozen quickly and then restored to me. Nothing had been stolen on the account so I was very lucky! Still no idea how they managed to reset my password as I’m very careful, secure password, no viruses etc. But at least no real harm was done.

The other big piece of news is I’ve got a new laptop! It was on the cards for sometime in the New Year but thanks to doing financially better than I expected, and the realisation it’d cost me 2.5% more in the New Year thanks to the VAT changes, I bought it this side of Christmas. After previous good experiences with Dell I bought another one. A Dell Studio this time round: Core2Duo T6600 2.2ghz, 4gb RAM, 500gb HD (desperately needed as I was constantly below 5gb with the last laptop!) and ATi 4570HD. Big upgrade from my old one and I’m very happy with it.

Only really played DiRT2 on it so far due to having too much work to do, but I’m downloading Aion as I type so I’ll enjoy trying that out. Also got Football Manager 2010 on the way which will be great.

I’ve got some interesting plans for the New Year so stay tuned. For now I’ll try to actually update a bit sooner than the gap between the last one!

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