Where I’ve Been, Next Gen Plans And Current Gen Joys

Erm, yeah, I’m rubbish at this blogging thing aren’t I? You’d never think I’d have once blogged every day for a year, would you?

So, what happened in the past month? Well, not a huge amount and yet quite a lot.

Games: LOTS has happened in the gaming world. Notably, E3 and the announcement of new consoles. Somewhere in that month, Microsoft managed to go from “yay MS” to “Boo, you suck” to “Oh, ok, erm, we’re not sure what to think now”. Me? Well, as I’m a big fan of owning physical copies of games and collecting them, I wasn’t so keen on what first happened. That’s despite previously being pretty heavily invested in the 360.

It’s looking more promising now, although it’s a little too late for me. I’ve pre-ordered a PS4, mostly having been tempted by the cheaper price and not being forced to have a Kinect unit. I’ll pick up an One at a later date. I’d love to pick up both at launch, but that’s looking extremely unlikely given I’ve got other expenses to deal with and the fact that I’m not made of money!


My love for the PS3 has grown a tad in the past week, mostly because I now have a 500gb Super Slim rather than my bulky 80gb. I can finally embrace the awesomeness of Playstation Plus, rather than just look at the download list and wish I had the space free!

Alongside the new Super Slim, I acquired The Last of Us. It’s taken a while to really gel with me and admittedly I wasn’t sure it’d be my sort of thing (excluding the first Metal Gear Solid, I really don’t have the patience or enthusiasm for stealth sequences!), but I’m enjoying it now. Is it a 10/10 game? Not for me, no. 8/10 is the figure rolling around my head. So far, I haven’t felt the same kind of emotional connection for Joel and Ellie as I have for Lee and Clementine in The Walking Dead, the most appropriate comparison. Gameplay wise: the stealth has its odd moments and crucially, nothing feels quite exceptional enough for it to stand out for me. I am enjoying it, though.


What I’m loving even more, however, is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’ve played Animal Crossing before, on the Gamecube having imported a copy, but I missed out on Wild World as I wasn’t much of a gamer when it was released. Animal Crossing is ideal for the handheld format. It’s so easy to drop into when I’ve got a spare 5 minutes. Somehow, despite a busy week, I’ve found 14hrs to “drop” in on my village, Tentil. It’s nothing like the kind of games I normally play, and I love it for it. Every day feels slightly different, encouraging me to come back for more. How long will the love last? I’m not sure. I’ve got a feeling it’ll be like my love of The Sims. Strong but fleeting, with occasional returns at a later date. We’ll have to see, though!

Life: Besides the usual work load (which is fine), I’ve been busy trying to get the house into some kind of order, with my Mum. This is a massive undertaking. We’re both far from the tidiest of people, plus we’ve left the place a bit disheveled anyway since my Dad died. Worst of all, the garden.

Some great friends worked hard on trying to get the garden into order five years ago, but my Mum and I have mostly been trying to keep up with it ever since. The problem is it’s huge. At a rough estimate, I’m guessing about 100 foot long. All hedges too. To say it’s a jungle in places is an understatement. We’ve got a plan, which involves hiring someone to tame the hedges (I can just about manage some of them, but further down, the hedges are about 9 or 10 feet high and very thick) and eventually start putting concrete slabs down and shingle to turn our once vegetable patch into something much more manageable. It’s a big job though, given all the weeds have learnt how to work their way through the sheeting we put down to stop them doing exactly that. Did I mention that my Mum has a neck disability which means she’s very limited in what she can do? And I’m only little and have increasing problems with my hands (another time, I might go into more detail there) which isn’t the greatest of combinations! It’s fun. Not. I’m learning a ton, at least.

Next up, decorating the living room! It’s going to be a busy, and expensive, year.