Point increase since 4th August: 1149

I’ve not been in the most sociable of moods lately which is why the lack of updates. Luckily for me and my mood, the Olympics has (or is it have?) been on and has kept me very occupied. I’ve been V+ing everything possible throughout each night and catching up on it in the day fast forwarding anything I wasn’t overly keen on. I particularly loved the athletics, swimming and BMXing while still watching at least one heat from every event. Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt: simply wow. And great to see the British team doing so well.

Anyway, now the Olympics are over, it’s time for my gradual re-introduction back into society :p So I’m seeing friends Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I’m also signing up to do a bookkeeping course at my local college, and me and my Mum are signing up to do dog walking for our local RSPCA.

Games wise, I’ve been playing fairly intermittently. I also lost my 105 day streak which was a pity, I just completely forgot to log in one day. Eventually I’ll hit 60k, hopefully won’t be too long now as I’ve got Samurai Warriors 2: Empires to help me along the way now! I do love a good hack n slash.

More will follow when it’s not nearly 2am and I’m knackered.

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