The weekend, 3DS thoughts and reading

Life: I’ve had a hugely manic weekend full of children. Saturday was spent in the company of my Aunt, Uncle, Grandmother and young cousins. It was my 11 year old cousin’s birthday on Friday so she had a party with three friends and her 8 year old sister had a friend round too. 6 children, one house. Scary. Perhaps not quite as scary as the fact I remember her being born as if it was yesterday and now she’s 11, going to comprehensive school in September and won’t stop singing along to Lady Gaga.

Sunday was spent with family friends who are much like my Aunt and Uncle also. They’ve got a 10 year old, 8 year old and 2 year old. Manic once more but fun.

It was knackering and by the time I got home Sunday evening, I was about ready to fall asleep. An evening of Dancing on Ice followed, my very guilty pleasure. It’s the only reality TV show I watch and I suspect much of the enjoyment is derived from the charisma of Philip Schofield more than anything. Used to watch him all the time on Going Live as a kid.

Games: I haven’t had a huge amount of time to game in the last few days because of the aforementioned parties. An hour or two has been put into World of Warcraft, fortunately with the new questing system, you can get a lot done in that time which was handy. I’ve also had some more time with The Sims 3 in order to beat beat Nokkon to the 1000 points. I did get some brief time with Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare though which I rather liked. The zombie theme seems a little silly compared to the rest of the game’s storyline but it’s enjoyable and I loved RDR the first time round. The DLC certainly feels worth the 800 points.

Lots of speculation and news has been unveiled regarding the 3DS. I’m waiting rather excitedly for news of the release date. I have a bit of doubt admittedly but I’m determined that this will be the first console I buy on release day. It’s about time after all. The battery life is a bit of a concern but hopefully Nintendo are being conservative with their estimate. The launch line up in Japan isn’t the most exciting either but there’ll no doubt be variations when it comes to the EU line up. I’ve got a feeling I’ll end up buying Nintendogs & Cats though, I’m a sucker for the cutesy.

While I wait for the 3DS, I’m going to attempt to tackle my PSP backlog. I’m going to start with Crisis Core which in theory I should adore what with being obsessed with Final Fantasy VII. Fingers crossed I like it!

Reading: I finished Simon Pegg’s book ‘Nerd do Well’. It was a good read. Well worth a read if you’re a fan of his or of anything nerdy really. I’m onto Michael McIntyre’s book now which is a slightly odd choice as I’m not much of a fan of his comedy but his life interests me. It’s quite short so it’ll only take a few days. I’m planning to move onto Shutter Island then. After that I’ll have to raid the library I think, maybe pick up The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo as it’s so popular. I’m greatly enjoying reading at night again. Long may it last. Feels much more relaxing than watching Friends episodes for the 100th time.

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  1. 3DS. Count me excited. I’m usually next to my charger anyway, so the estimated battery life doesn’t bother me too much. I imagine they’ll be at least one game I want at launch too. Even if I already played it on the N64 a million times ^__^ I’m still excited.

    I just hope they get Paper Mario and Animal Crossing to me as soon as possible.

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