The New Year’s started with a bang

Point increase since 29th December: 680
Gaming to start with and it’s been pretty good so far!
I’m absolutely loving Left 4 Dead. It’s admittedly not a great single player game, although still perfectly adequate. However in multiplayer, it’s brilliant. I played it a few days ago with some friends and it was such a terrific laugh. The amount of memorable moments was just astonishing and there were some surprisingly tense moments, as when it’s a friend you do actually want them to ‘live’ to the end of the campaign.

I’ve also been playing a fair bit of Prince of Persia. It’s not a great game, but it is quite enjoyable. Most importantly for lazy me, it’s not challenging in any way :p It’s an enjoyable distraction really, like a mindless Blockbuster film. Quite forgettable in the long run but fun while it’s on. Don’t think I’ll bother 1king it right now, I think I’ll sell it once I’ve completed it, then rent it sometime to 1k it.

Finally, the other game I’ve been playing mostly lately is Quantum of Solace. It really is an underrated game, I’ve forgotten how much fun it is to play. It’s also a great example of how achievements can be beneficial to a game. I probably wouldn’t have gone back to it after completing it the first time if it wasn’t for the achievements, but having returned, it really is good fun. I certainly want to get my money’s worth from it!

In money related things, I have none. So for once, I really will be relying on rentals, review games and the current supply that I have. On the plus side, I can’t think of anything on the nearby horizon that I’m desperate for so that’s something.

Oh and my elbow infection has returned, joy! So I’m on more antibiotics, fingers crossed this lot finishes it off properly this time round as it’s both annoying and sore.

On a more positive note, I’m going to be busy with review stuff which is good! I’ve got my fingers tightly crossed for some good news come Thursday. I’m busy with MK vs DC Universe for XboxGameZone, and previewing a game for that I can’t name yet due to its NDA. Plus it seems my LoTR: Mines of Moria review is going to be quoted in an advertising campaign for it which is rather nice!

1 thought on “The New Year’s started with a bang

  1. Matt

    Haven’t played any of those games yet, one is shrink-wrapped but I really must try QoS now I’ve seen the film.

    Hope by new the infection is better, I’m sure the antibiotics have done their job.

    Glad to hear the reviews are going well.

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