The last few days off

Life: Liberally borrowing from the excellent Brad Gallaway, welcome to the new format. I’ll be using it for a fair while, excluding special blog entries where I rant about specific bits and pieces. I’ve been enjoying the liberating feeling of not blogging every day, but also it still feels rather strange. 10pm feels strangely devoid of rambling nonsense. Still, it’s wise to not overstay your welcome and I’ve no doubt that I would have bored people eventually/even more so than before. I haven’t gone back to work fully this week. I’ve mostly been doing bits and pieces around the house tidying up, de-Christmassing the place. Hate stuff like that. I also appear to have lost my ability to sleep which is convenient. Not. Hopefully a busier lifestyle will sort this though.I’m aiming to go pitch mad soon.

At some point before the weekend, I intend on making some pasta from scratch to kickstart the cooking more often drive. The keep fit thing will kick in next week as my lungs are feeling nearly fixed.

Games: I’ve been in a grindy sort of mood with gaming this week. I’ve mostly been playing World of Warcraft and The Sims 3. Warcraft is just such an easy game to play. I’ve been levelling up a Human Hunter since just before Cataclysm’s launch. It’s made a change from my usual, er, Night Elf Hunter. Yeah, I love playing Hunters, they suit my solo playing style perfectly, so I always end up playing one. The changes that have occurred since Cataclysm has made for a really entertaining experience. I’ve hit 62 now but I suspect I’ll probably tire of it soon. Usually happens.

The Sims 3 (360) I’ve been hooked on thanks to buying it for NokkonWud for Christmas. I loved it when it first came out but I’d left it alone for a bit in recent weeks. Now I’m re-hooked and determined to get as many achievements as possible. They’re all rather satisfying to achieve and The Sims has always been compelling stuff. The daft thing is I’m playing the life of me essentially. Albeit a more successful writer equivalent of me but otherwise it’s the same.

I’m considering taking a break soon though and delving into Mass Effect 2 DLC or Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare. I could do with a storyline to hook me once more.

TV/Film: I’ve been using the last few days to catch up on some films. I’m keeping track of what I’ve seen over the coming year for some nerdy reason or other. New Year’s Day kicked off with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, a fim that’s grown on me immensely. The books helped a lot and I’ve looked past my irrational dislike of Michael Cera. Looks stunning in HD too. Angels and Demons followed on the 2nd – it wants to be clever, it’s not, but it passes the time and is a reasonably entertaining (yet ridiculous) romp. Monday brought a double bill of horror in Drag Me to Hell and The Lost Boys – neither of them were scary in the slightest of course. Both were films that were fine but I feel no urge to ever see them again. I can see why there’s so much cult love for The Lost Boys but as a newcomer to the film, I think I’ve missed the boat. It’s a curiosity, nothing more.

Then came another attempt of Avatar. I watched it in 3D at the cinema last year and hated it. It was too long, self-indulgent, predictable, poorly scripted and acted, but it did look very pretty and the technology was impressive. I thought I’d give it another shot as we’ve got Sky Movies for the month. Gave up about halfway through out of boredom and watched The Pink Panther instead. It’s clearly just not for me. I felt very saddened to see in Sainsbury’s earlier a copy of Aliens of DVD with a sticker on it stating ‘From the director of Avatar’. Er no, it’s much more than that and shouldn’t be associated with such drivel. I’ll stop grumbling now.

Today was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (sound film if possibly slightly too long, would have been useful if I’d actually seen all the previous films though!) and Twin Town which holds a special place in my heart thanks to featuring much of my home town in it. Even if it doesn’t show it in the nicest of lights.

Reading: I’m trying to read more. I love reading and I read extremely quickly. I just don’t seem to read enough these days. I was given a few books for Christmas and I’ve still got some from my birthday so now seems like a good time to do so. Last night I read a good chunk of Simon Pegg’s autobiography, it’s interesting stuff so far although I suspect it’ll be more interesting once he reaches his adult years. I used to be quite a fan of autobiographies especially Charlie Chaplin’s which was a fascinating read. Pegg’s won’t be as memorable as that by a long shot but it makes for a good start. Fiction in the form of Shutter Island will be next I think.