The Easter Weekend

It’s been a strange Easter weekend. I expected it really. April generally is anyhow.

With my Dad’s birthday 20th March and the anniversary of his death on 12th April, it just makes that general period a bit precarious. Today’s the anniversary of the funeral so that also brings back a lot of memories. I suspect having 2 weeks between the death and the funeral doesn’t help. It was such an odd period of time where the world stopped. Both of us desperately waiting for the coroner’s report to finally come through as we couldn’t arrange anything until then. It took a week to come through. Not fun.

Anyway, because of all this, it’s been a while since I liked Easter. It’s just bound to fall around a time like this unfortunately.

The chocolate compensation was probably a little OTT this year though! Picture over on my Instagram thingy.

My Mum and I bought the smaller Galaxy egg for me and the Munchies egg for her. Then my Aunt bought us both a large egg each and my Grandmother bought us an egg each too. The small Caramel one, we’re not 100% sure where it came from. We assume from a Buy 1 Get 2 offer as we’d bought an egg for each cousin.

Should last us quite a long time anyhow!

We’ve gone for long walks the last few days so at least that’ll make us feel a bit healthier 😉

In terms of the regular visit to my Aunt and Uncle’s on Good Friday, it could have gone better. Simply put, we were all a bit stressed. She’s my Dad’s sister so understandably struggles as much during this time too. Plus my Grandmother/his mother was there.

My Grandmother is a very difficult person to like. Always has been. I felt sorry for her that day though.

Me and my Mum have got a terrible feeling she’s got dementia. She matches every sign of it. We had a particularly odd conversation with her about the placement of Easter. She’s convinced that Easter Sunday was in its correct place but that Good Friday is next Friday. No matter how much we convinced her otherwise, she wouldn’t accept it and got increasingly agitated at this.

While she’s been a right pain in the past, she’s always been pretty sharp. Stuff like that made us begin to connect the dots and notice other odd things she’s been doing in recent months.

Worst of all, her eyesight has detoriated rapidly. She’s got glaucoma but it was meant to be under control with eyedrops. Now it turns out she might not have been taking them anywhere near as often as she should be. So her vision is going quite badly.

Did I mention she’s very deaf too? Not a good mix at all.

I feel sorry for her if that’s all the case (we need to have a word with both my Aunt and a doctor next, my Uncle seems to have spotted the signs too though). Most of all though, I feel sorry for my Aunt. That’s her last close family member. It’s going to hit her hard.

Thinking ahead, there’s also the very real possibility that my Grandmother will forget what happened to my Dad and will keep asking about him. She already only ever really talks about him as a baby.

Could be tough times ahead.

Reading back at all this, this sounds like a terribly negative blog entry. I don’t actually feel too negative today. Just guess I’m getting a few things off my chest. I’m off to eat chocolate and hopefully have a good afternoon doing something or other. Nice to vent though!