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It’s been a busy week yet again. I’m still working on 2 reviews (the Dungeon Maker one will be done by Friday, in one line though: Don’t buy it!), I’ve been busy with work (4 evenings in a row this coming weekend) as that’s evening work which is also when I tend to write my blog. Also my Mum’s just been struck down with damaged cartlige in her knee meaning she’s in agony and can hardly walk so my time’s going to be more limited now while I’m busy looking after her and running the house. Just got back from Blockbuster with 6 DVDs to entertain her! My boss was impressed at just how many DVDs I was renting, I get 10 a week so for once I’ll actually have to keep an eye on my limit. Also while in Blockbuster, I picked up Gears of War 2 Limited Edition for £27.99 (yay for 20% staff discount). It’s not new as I initially thought but despite the lack of Golden Lancer, I’m happy 🙂 Looks a good LE from what I’ve seen, especially like the art book. Going to sell my regular copy and hopefully recoup most of my losses.

Got quite a few bits and pieces to discuss games wise. Been burying myself in them a bit while trying to not think about stuff. First up, I reached the devil’s number in gamerscore!

Then promptly wrecked it by getting my score back to ending in 0 or 5, much better! I’m hoping to increase my score quite a bit in the next month or so as I’ve signed up for a 30 day challenge with some people off AV Forums. It can go towards my aim to hit 100k sometime next year 😉 I can dream!

After discovering a nice trade in trick I bought Quantum of Solace in HMV for £18. For those of you who don’t know: currently Blockbuster are doing Grand Theft Auto 4 pre-owned in their 2 for £18 range. While HMV are paying £18 trade in for each copy of GTA4, so I bought 2 copies of it in Blockbuster then traded them in at HMV for £36 and bought Quantum of Solace. Not bad at all! If there were more new releases out that I wanted, I’d do it again but I’ve got pretty much everything I want for now.

The Bond game has grown on me a lot, the Casino Royale levels (which make up for the bulk of it despite the game’s name) are particularly enjoyable especially the level where Bond is poisoned and has to go to his car for the antidote. The only segment in a game that has ever made me feel slightly woozy. I’ll be playing this on a harder difficulty in the coming days as admittedly it’s far from challenging on New Recruit difficulty.

Thanks to the NXE, I bought myself a new 60gb HD meaning I can install plenty of games. The 360 is now so quiet that at first it almost made me think there was something wrong with my 360! So far I’ve got QoS, Fallout 3 (which I’ve still hardly played, oops), Gears 2 and Spiderman: Web of Shadows installed and still got 22gb free. I’ve finished Gears 2 on normal difficulty with Daz now, was good fun. The ending was a huge anti climax though. I’ll be going through it again now to get the collectibles, it’s nice that the war journal explains which chapter has the missing collectibles. Makes it a lot simpler to do. Then I’ll be playing it through on insane with someone at some point.

Spiderman: Web of Shadows is still really enjoyable although I have got stuck on one bit which I need to go back to. Review will be within the week. For now though, I recommend it, a surprisingly good game although sadly somewhat flawed, always the way with Treyarch games. Ignore me, end of the second act is ****ing irritating. Treyarch blew it 🙁

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  1. Haly Post author

    Get 4 copies of GTA4 to trade in and it’ll be a buy one get one free practically for GoW2 and CoD5 😀

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