Speed reading and Colin Firth

Reading: I’ve been really enjoying reading lately, to the point that I’m now moving onto my third book since the New Year. It’s the first piece of fiction of the year too – Shutter Island. I finished Michael McIntyre’s book Life and Laughing: My Story. I’m not a huge fan of his stand up, I can take it or leave it really, but a few interviews with him made me interested in his story. It was a decent read too, especially the last third. The last third was bordering on inspiring really. Maybe that’s too grandiose a word to use as really inspirational people should be more than just ‘flavour of the month/year’ comedians. I guess what I mean is how things worked out for him is inspiring rather than the actual person. He spent 7 years struggling to get anywhere, nearly going bankrupt, yet he made it and now he’s achieved his dream through a lot of hard work. That has to be pretty cool, right? Simon Pegg’s book Nerd Do Well
is a bit more thoughtful and introverted. The guy’s clearly pretty private about his life and I don’t blame him. His thoughts on Star Wars and zombie films make for some interesting reading though. I’m a big fan of his, must rewatch Spaced soon I think.

Shutter Island is next on the list. I loved the film so it makes sense really. I’m not expecting it to take long though as it doesn’t seem overly hefty.

I’m not sure what to read after that. I’ll have to dig through what’s lying around the house (we have a TON of books and I have a lot of catching up to do). I am quite tempted to go to the library and get The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the amount of acclaim intrigues me.

Films: I saw The King’s Speech on Wednesday. While of course we don’t know what will be nominated at the Oscars, it’d be a crime if Colin Firth wasn’t nominated. I’d say he deserves to win too but it does depend on who he’s up against. With The King’s Speech and A Single Man however, he’s clearly demonstrated that he can be a fantastic actor and not just a rom com leading man.

Games: Excluding a multitude of iPhone games and apps, I haven’t had much time for other gaming. I’ve tried my best with gaining all The Sims 3 achievements but it hasn’t happened in time. NokkonWud beat me to it so all credit to him. He did good. I’ll hopefully join him with that 1000 points sometime over the weekend. Then I’ll move onto….actually I’m not sure what yet, but something. Maybe Fallout: New Vegas at last?

Handheld wise, I’ll hopefully get some time with Final Fantasy: Crisis Core too. This weekend I want to finish up Blue Toad Murder Files with my Mum too. We had a great time with it over Christmas. Really enjoyable casual, but definitely not easy, game.