Some links I suggest you look at

I’ve had a bad cold the last few days so no major update just yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

However for now, I’ll point you at a couple of interesting links instead.

First up is a group of people from a forum I frequent. They’re raising money for the children’s charity Whizz Kidz. They’re doing it by playing a 48hr Tomb Raider marathon, attempting to complete every Tomb Raider game in 48hrs straight. Good luck to them is all I can say! If you want to track their progress or contribute a donation, go to their site The 48hr marathon kicks off next weekend, 23rd August.

Second up is a collection of articles on family gaming at These articles by Paul Govan look pretty promising and I’ve liked his past writing thanks to discovering him via Makes a change from briefer writing on other sites that doesn’t seem as journalistic in nature as these. So hop over to it at