Scruffy and Toffee

Since my last update, Scruffy and Toffee have relaxed a lot so their personalities have been shining through.
Scruffy is quite quiet but very content. She’s quite happy to sit quietly and nibble away at food taking her time. She does seem to like squeaking to herself though! One downside to her slowly nibbling is Toffee is entirely different in that respect, but luckily she doesn’t steal too much food off her.

Toffee is a total nutter half the time. She runs around jumping and squeaking when it’s mealtime and then promptly eats her food at 100mph. Although she does find the time to nibble a bit of everything just in case she’s missing something amazing. She regularly does mad laps round the cage often causing Scruffy to jump in the food bowl to avoid getting flattened! However she is entirely devoted to her sister, they are always cuddled up together when they sleep and if you remove Scruffy from the cage first, Toffee panics and squeaks for her till they’re reunited.

We’ve given them a few cuddles now to get them used to human attention. Scruffy is quite happy to sit back and be cuddled, even wrapped in a towel. However Toffee is far too busy and interested for all that. She loves climbing up necks, trying to explore as much as she can get away with and generally attempting to get into trouble. Very inquisitive little thing. She does like a nice cuddle in the end though once she’s decided she’s seen everything she wants to see. Scruffy seems to need more sleep than Toffee, presumably because she’s so much smaller so I think that’s why she seems more chilled out at the moment. One particular funny moment the other day when they were being cuddled was when Toffee ran underneath Scruffy so that Scruffy was covering Toffee’s face. Was Scruffy bothered about being nearly flung by her sister? Not at all!

Anyway, here’s some photos from earlier on today. Only taken on my iPhone I’m afraid so no impressive camera work. I might take some video at some point as they do some daft things you can’t see properly in a photo. Click the photos if you want to see a slightly bigger version/spy on the surroundings 😛

Scruffy’s got the hang of the posing lark 😉 She seemed extremely happy to be cuddled up in a towel, maybe it felt like a giant guinea pig to her!

Toffee cleaning Scruffy
The two of them together. I think Toffee was checking Scruffy over in case the nasty human (me :P) had done something awful to her in the brief time they’d been seperated!

Eating the remote
My Mum stopped stroking Toffee for a second so she could change channels on the TV. Toffee decided the remote looked tasty so had a go at chewing the red button. That guinea pig will eat anything, I’m sure of it.

There’s a fair few other photos but I didn’t want to bore people too much and a lot of them are very similar, but if anyone’s interested, they’re located here.

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