Procastinating for five minutes

It’s felt like a long, busy week. It probably hasn’t been but being ill for the first half and still feeling underpar now has meant that I feel like I’ve been treading water for the most part.

I’ve kept up with everything but in a way that means my time management has gone out the window and I haven’t had much gaming time. Admittedly because I haven’t felt like it really. I’ve enjoyed just sitting watching TV and winding down because it seems to be all my brain could take in!

However now I’m feeling more like myself, I’m making plans for the weekend. I doubt it’ll be a particularly physical weekend as I’m still feeling rather drained. But one thing sticks out hugely. Rock Band.

Me and my Mum have been gradually working our way through the Rock Band 2 campaign (I still need to buy Rock Band 3). Yes it’s been slow going. We spent a lot of time playing Lego Rock Band first as we both know more songs from that collection. But it’s Rock Band 2’s turn now. We won’t be able to play for hours on end unfortunately as my Mum’s mixture of a disability in her right arm and carpal tunnel syndrome in her left hand quite understandably interferes with guitar playing!

In which case I’m going to treat her/us to a pizza for the extended break period 🙂 I knew it’d be far too tempting being within delivery range of the new Domino’s. When I lived near one in Stafford, I spent a small fortune there. Plus there’s a load of new pizza offers on to torment me. I’m going to switch from tradition (usually a Vegetarian or Cheese and Tomato) and go with the Spanish Sizzler. Love Chorizo and peppers so it seems a good change from the norm.

As you can probably guess from the middle of the day blogging, I’m procrastinating like crazy. And clearly my appetite is back. I suspect I’d best get my head down and get on with some work instead of blogging. I’ve got a good idea for an entry in the next couple of days but if I start writing it now, I’ll achieve sod all and this Two Worlds II review isn’t going to write itself.