Phew, huge catch up!

Another much delayed update. Writing has been mental so I’ll admit that when I haven’t had something to do, the enthusiasm to update the blog has been limited at best.

I’m considering making this purely a portfolio site but we’ll see how it goes. It definitely needs a revamp of some sort as collecting up links of my work has fallen by the wayside a little.

Well my foot is still broken. I went back to my hospital appointment on the 4th September and had an idiot of a doctor see me. Turns out the bone hadn’t healed at all since the last X-Ray 🙁 But this doctor was completely stumped by this, acted very worried but then sent me home with no plaster cast and instead with a very flimsy support splint that offered my poor broken foot no protection whatsoever. I struggled on for a week thinking maybe I was just making a fuss over nothing as it was hurting so much more than before. Then when I realised that I could feel (!) the bone when I put weight on it and after mentioning it to a friend who was concerned, I decided it was best to go back to the hospital.

I saw a different doctor this time who instantly gave me a different form of cast: a removable one known as an airboot (think Robocop’s boot and you’re not far off) and told me that although it is slow healing that’s normal and I shouldn’t worry. Huge weight off my mind as I was really worried about why my foot wasn’t healing at all, but if it’s normal, then I’m ok.

So far, the airboot is much better than the support splint and I’m hoping it’s healing. I’ll find out in 2 weeks time on 2nd October when I go back for more X-Rays.

My foot and ankle however really are ridiculously weak and it’s a little depressing at times as I’ve already been warned to expect plenty of physio to get it back to normal 🙁

Lots and lots of it too!

First of all, GamesAreEvil and ThePortableGamer are taking up lots of my time as I post lots of news stories, recruit new staff members, contact PR people to kindly request review copies etc. It’s going great and we’re really making good progress in our plans for world domination 😉

As a sign of our great progression, I recently discovered that a line from one of my reviews for GamesAreEvil is featured in an advert that happens to have been published in both Edge and the Official Xbox 360 Magazine! Madballs In Babo Invasion was the game in question, located at:
For anyone who owns a copy of Edge, it’s the October issue, Page 172. 🙂 Very happy with that!
My line also appears on the Madballs site at:

On a similar note, Madballs In Babo Invasion is a great game so go buy it. It’s a bargain at 800pts!

As well as that, there have been reviews of DiRT2, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Ashes Cricket 2009.

For ThePortableGamer I’ve, as usual, been writing away on plenty of iPhone games. Currently up to 31 reviews over there which isn’t bad going at all! Currently available at:

For there’s been a review for Champions Online.

I’ve written a short piece for Hi-Score for the article: Top 10 Baddies….with a Twist.

For the ever brilliant TheGameReviews, I’ve carried on with my column Rumo(u)r Killers as well as written a Retrodotal article on Final Fantasy VII.

Finally, I’ve just featured in the latest BigRedPotion podcast discussion on the greatest console ever!

Oh and I’ll be featuring on Xboxer360 soon as I wrote them a piece on the Top 10 RPGs.

Phew. That sounds like a lot all written down!

Current plans are to cut back on taking on too many extras as I’ve just been offered something rather exciting that I’ll talk about next time round 🙂