Personal Review of the Year

Simply put it’s been an exceptionally crap year for me. If you don’t want to see me moan about my year and I can understand why not as this is primarily a gaming blog, look away now.
Let’s see, I started 2008 off work thanks to a slightly irregular heartbeat, essentially I had an ‘extra’ beat. Eventually it was put down to stress and/or a virus. Then I started a new job in February (yay) which was my first full time graduate job and looked quite interesting. On my first day to work, I wrote my car off on the way to work (boo). Real pity, I loved that car. It was my second car, I hated my first car and for the last few months of its existence, often hoped it would be stolen. It never was of course and nor did I crash it. No I waited till I had a great car (for me) to be stupid and write my car off. So yeah, started the new job with no car and an old shoulder injury rearing its ugly head again. Oh plus the insurance company screwed up for ages (despite it being very clear cut and me admitting full liability) and then for much of March I had solicitors phoning me or writing me letters demanding money or else. Eventually my insurance company sorted it out, and I thought that’d be the crap part of the year over.

Wrong. Very wrong. April 12th, I was woken at 5am by my Mum. My Dad had collapsed getting out of bed. And well, not to go into detail, he died, quickly despite me, my Mum and a paramedic crew’s efforts. It was horrible, the sort of thing I still have nightmares about sometimes and for a long time I had them every night. Nothing can prepare you for it, and it wasn’t sanitised at all like you see on TV. It was graphic and something no one should have to experience.

Then…..I’m not sure where the year went. I was off work for a good month or so, then returned for a day part time. I realised then that I couldn’t handle it. I just didn’t care about the work and all it did was make me feel more depressed than ever. So I quit. Not the best financial decision in the world but sometimes you have to do what’s best mentally, and considering I was hardly sleeping at the time and suffering from flashbacks, it was for the best.

I’m not really covering the true depth of how bad the year’s been but I don’t want to dwell, it’s not fair on you the poor reader if nothing else!

So fast forward to the latter quarter of the year. I started a bookkeeping course at my local college (ok but boring) and I’m now working part time for Blockbuster which isn’t bad. The free rentals are nice if nothing else!

So to 2009. I have quite a few aims.

    To start my business
    To finish my postgraduate dissertation
    To improve my finances
    To progress with my games reviewing and article writing
    To continue with taking a photo every week even if they do look a bit rubbish!
    Gaming: To hit 100k by the end of the year, hey it’s worth a go! I’ll take 90k though.

Finally a huge thanks to my friends for helping me survive the year. It’s so very much appreciated 🙂 And that’s an understatement!
Normal service will resume with the next entry 😉

2 thoughts on “Personal Review of the Year

  1. NokkonWud

    I hope you do get the business started, would be a nice start to a career, I’m sure.

    Also quite keen on stealing that 100k one as it’s definitely achieveable, but I should be gaming less this year too, so it’s not easy/

  2. cheets

    Life is shit, 2008 was a crap year for me, my last grandparent died in Feb she was like a second mother always spoiling us, decent summer then my dad had an heart attack a 8 days before Christmas, that kilt my Christmas and New Year then finding out a mate I went to school with was killed in Afghan while in the Marines on New Years Eve, 2008 worst year ever.

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