Opportunities and Defiance

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I didn’t realise until just now but I’ve only played 5 games in the past 12 days which is scarily few for me. Maybe Nokkon was right when he said I was gaming less 😮 Decent amount of points at least so I must be doing something right!

The surprise hit of the past two weeks has been High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance…..yes you read this right, High School Musical. It’s surprisingly good fun, reminds me a lot of Boom Boom Rocket. It’s a nice, fairly simple rhythm action game and it’s great fun. Obviously a rental not a purchase, but a decent rental at least. Seriously, give it a shot, you might be surprised. I know I was!

Work wise, I introduce you to my two newest pieces: The Rise of the iPhone and BattleForge Preview. Also I’ve had some brilliant news. On 13th February, I’m off to London for the day to a Resident Evil 5 press event. I’ll be seeing Resident Evil 5 a month before release (and hopefully might even get a go of it), as well as interviewing someone from Capcom about it, and be meeting various other people that are also at the event. Then I’ve got to write an article on it to be published for XboxGameZone a few days later. Pretty cool stuff 🙂 Brilliant opportunity for me hopefully.

Site wise, you might have noticed the addition of a Twitter feed to the right of this entry. I’ve now become hooked on Twitter after having an account for ages and hardly ever using it. It’s good fun and does seem quite a good networking tool. Feel free to follow me if you wish. My username is Jenjea. Twitter was quite useful while I was away this past weekend. Sometimes it’s nice to stay connected and my iPhone does a great job at providing that. I could still quite easily access Facebook, Twitter and any website I wanted from my phone. It was especially handy on the train there and back. Little things like that remind me just how much technology has changed in recent years. Only a couple of years ago I wouldn’t expect to be able to do something like that.

While I was away in Exeter visiting my very talented friend Pheebs, we went to see Defiance, the latest Daniel Craig film. It was brilliant.

I’ll admit to being very shallow and initially being interested in it mostly because of Mr Craig but it really was an extraordinary film. It is about the unsung Jewish heroes, the Bielski brothers, who during the Second World War lived in the forest with many, many other Jewish people hiding from the Nazis. They managed to do this for a number of years despite great hardship yet after the war ended, they never got the recognition they deserved. The film seemed really well made, not as black and white as I expected it to be which made it feel more realistic and the acting by all the cast was superb. The only downside in terms of acting was Daniel Craig’s accent. He just couldn’t do a consistent accent, he was fine if he wasn’t shouting but as soon as he had to shout something, he just turned English again. Pity really as he’s normally a great actor. I’ve ordered the book on Amazon so it’ll be interesting to compare the memoirs to the film and see what the film missed out for the sake of brevity.

Talking of brevity, I’m going to bring this entry to a close. It’s getting late and I want to go read Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

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