I’ve been lazy again and not updated.

To be fair not a huge deal that I can show you has been done recently.

I’ve got to 4,600 words on my dissertation (Just over halfway there) and I think it’s progressing ok.

Got to level 19 on WoW with my Tauren Warrior Moot.

Formatted PC so it’s nice and clean, planning on playing Oblivion soon but I’m waiting till I really feel in the mood for it so I approach it with an open mind. I was never keen on Morrowind for some reason so I’m hoping that won’t happen again with this!

Just upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.0, was amazed by how flawlessly the upgrade went, not a hitch at all. Also added a new plug in called Now-Reading available from

Rob Miller’s site Hence the book titles on the sidebar to the right. Just figured it might be interesting.

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