I’ve been terrible at updating this. Got far too busy.
Work’s pretty chaotic as there’s some changes afoot so had to keep up with that, Easter’s going to be busy there too, might have to pull a 12hr shift plus I’ve got a training course to go on.

Dissertation wise: Almost up to 4k now, slightly below what I was aiming to have done by now, but now that Uni’s finished for Easter I’ve got a lot more time to devote to it. I’ll try to post some details about its layout later (Can’t post the actual thing until after it’s been submitted).

Gaming wise: I’ve resubscribed to World of Warcraft, weak of me I know 😛 Only a level 14 Tauren Warrior at the moment and got a level 12 Troll Shaman on another server. Enjoying it though, it’s feeling quite fresh at the moment and as I only get an odd hour or two to play it, it’s making it really enjoyable.
Also been playing plenty of PCWs in CS and a bit of Swat 4 somewhere.

Planning on next week adding a gallery to this site, upgrading to WordPress 2 and adding a few plugins and sorting out the links.

So I will be back 😀