Swine Flu

The past week or so has continued to be busy, in the good way but also in the crappy ill way. For the past week, I’ve felt rather crap. Currently I’ve got a high temperature, I ache all over and regularly have headaches. It could well be swine flu (the fashionable illness ;)) but it could also just be a regular virus. Either way, I’m trying to rest up now and hoping it’ll sort itself. I’m not one for going to the doctor’s unless I’m on my deathbed, plus having researched Tamiflu I’m not going anywhere near taking that stuff unless I get significantly worse!

Anyway, enough about my health. Damn, have I been busy.

I’m now a staff writer for TheGameReviews which is excellent. I’ve only written the one article so far: Rumo(u)r Killers which I’m pretty proud of. It involved a bit more thought than my usual stuff and I loved doing the research for it and backing up my evidence with sources, that kind of thing. My next article for the site is on Motion Control and Disability, a subject close to my heart due to my Mum’s disability restricting her choices when it comes to Wii games.

Review wise, it’s been mental too. I’ve completed the Sacred 2 review (although it’s not live yet, I’ll update with a link when it’s available).

Links wise:
Cocoto Platform Jumper for GamesAreEvil
Worms 2: Armageddon for GoOnlineGames
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – Wii for PixelatedGamer

As well as a few more reviews for ThePortableGamer of course 🙂

Coming up this week are reviews of Zenonia and iMevil for The iBlog, Harry Potter on the DS for PixelatedGamer and Madballs in Babo Invasion for GamesAreEvil as well as the article I previously mentioned. That’s not forgetting reviews of the DS games: Dawn of Discovery and Steal Princess for ThePortableGamer.
Yeah it’s a busy time, and I could seriously do with some rest time. I enjoy the work but I could really do with feeling better! Hoping next week might be a little quieter at least. If nothing else, I’ve hardly gamed for fun the past two weeks! Except for a brief play of Super Mario Galaxy which was brilliant and I’ll definitely have to rent it again.

Oink Oink