Mental Week – Done

Wow it’s been a mental week of writing. So obviously I thought on my first evening off in over a week, now was a good time to write up a blog entry…erm yeah, I’m a sucker for punishment it seems.

Anyway, time to toot my own horn to start with.

This past week has produced reviews of Tropico 3 and LittleBigPlanet PSP for Resolution, a review of Family Game Night Vol 2 and a DiRT2 PC preview for, Rumor Killers for TGR, Secrets of the Mysterious Island review for ThePortableGamer, Puzzle Bobble Live for VideogameUK and Borderlands for RewiredMind. Oh plus two features on Modern Warfare 2 which haven’t gone live yet. That’s all in the past 5-6 days. Not bad I’d say!

I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve forgotten something, so as always the Portfolio is up to date for these things. It’s getting rather large now, not bad considering the majority of it has been done in 2009.

Currently I’m rather pleased that I have nothing to do for an entire weekend (it’s been a few weeks since that last happened) and I also don’t have a huge deal planned for next week either. What are the odds that by about Monday lunchtime I get twitchy? 😉 The curses of being lazy yet also hating having nothing to do.

Anyway, that’s about it for this very short update. Think of it as more of a page holder till some inspiration kicks in. Seems a shame to bump the Escapism post down with this drivel but guess it has to happen at some point!

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  1. Soodalin

    Some great reviews you have written here Jen, look forward to reading future one’s and thanks again for your assistance today 🙂

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