Joined the Gym

I’ve done two very different things lately that are extremely out of character for me. I’ll blog about them separately otherwise this will turn huge.

First of all, I joined a gym. Anyone who knows me will know that sentence is a bit of a surprise.

Admittedly, it was on the cards for quite a while (since my Grandmother left my Mum some money and she decided to use it well basically) so I guess the major surprise is that I love it.

I’ve been going for around a month now. I wondered if the early love of it would fade but it seems to be sticking around. As an example: Batman Arkham City Collector’s Edition arrived one morning. I had a lot of work to do that day and I had a choice: stay at home and play a bit of Batman for an hour or go to the gym. I chose the gym. Something similar occured today too.

This is quite an unusual development for me.

I’d say it’s partially down to the satisfaction of levelling up on Fitocracy but that’s not the sole benefit.

I enjoy it.

I do admittedly feel a little pathetic at times, looking at other people’s efforts. I’ve hardly done any exercise in years other than general walking around and even that was limited thanks to my dodgy foot. But I’m hoping I’ll build it all up.

My foot, by the way, is holding up to it. I went to a running shop, had my gait analysed and bought some appropriate shoes. They cost a small fortune but they’ve made the world of difference and not just at the gym. Walking around the city centre is immediately easier. The pain isn’t completely gone but it’s much improved so I’m hoping it continues!

After a personal trainer session, I’m on a 6 week course with set exercises.

I started with:
10 reps Leg Extensions – 15lb
10 reps Seated Rows – 15lb
10 reps Goblet Squats – 13.2lb
15mins Treadmill – 3.0mph to 3.5mph with 1.0% incline
10mins exercise bike – Not sure how it works out as but it’s quite tough due to a high effort level set on the machine. I was averaging 2.5km in that time.
End on 5-10mins on either the treadmill or bike, same as before.

Now I’m up to:
15 reps Leg Extensions – 20lb
15 reps Seated Rows – 20lb
15 reps Goblet Squats – 13.2lb
15mins Treadmill – 3.7mph to 4.0mph with 2.0% incline
10mins exercise bike – Averaging 3.2km a time, same effort level as before
End on 10mins of bike or treadmill.

Today was the first day that I managed to do the full 10mins on the treadmill at 4.0mph. Previously I had to alternate between speeds which felt a bit rubbish! I would love to be able to jog one day.

To many, it’ll still sound rubbish I’m sure. But I’m happy with the progress so far. I am of course itching to be do even more though!

I guess the main thing is that I’m enjoying it 🙂 I haven’t strictly got a goal. I don’t need to lose weight or anything like that so I guess I just want to be generally fitter. Maybe in the New Year, I should come up with a target?

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  1. Marco Fiori

    Amazing Jen! I’m like you, I’ve never had any desire to join a gym! Fantastic progress you’re making – keep it up, your health and body will thank you in 30 years. (Mine’ll help me).

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