It’s been busy


But I quite like busy.

Writing wise, I managed to complete the Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs review. I’ve also completed some more iPhone reviews over at

I’m still working on the Sacred 2 review, there’s just so much to the game, but hopefully I’ll get finished with the piece by early next week. It’s much like reviewing an MMO, you’d ideally need months of play to accurately assess it. I’m also working on another iPhone review, best to assume that I’m always working on an iPhone game of some sort! Finally, I’m now working on a Wiiware game review which is quite exciting. My Wii has been gathering dust a bit of late and I’m always keen to write about something different, so a Wii game seemed ideal. Expect a review soon of Cocoto Platform Jumper, this time for Oh and I’m writing a guest piece for The-iBlog too.

So erm yes, quite busy! That’s not even mentioning an article I’ve started writing part for my benefit and part to apply for something. Oh wait, it’s mentioned now. Ooh or the bookkeeping exam I had last week…Not had even time to try out the shiny new Megadrive/Genesis that arrived on Tuesday from my purchase in the previous entry.

At some point soon, hopefully I’ll find the time for another QuickView entry and a few other bits and pieces. It just probably won’t be until early next week once other stuff is out of the way. To keep you entertained for now, enjoy the new photo entries as part of the continuing 52 series. 🙂

1 thought on “It’s been busy

  1. Adam

    It’s good to be busy! I tried Sacred 2 as well but never got more than 20 minutes at a time to get into it. It felt too much like a PC Diablo-clone for me to feel comfortable playing it on a console – odd really as most people are saying its much better on the 360 than the PC.

    I’ve been dusting off my new Wii with a Wii-ware title as well – Icarian or NyxQuest as it’s called now. Really impressed with some of the titles on there. Just need more time! And money!

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