I suck at thinking of titles

Point increase since 26th August: 1064
Not bad going. I hit 60k not long after my last update thanks to Samurai Warriors 2: Empires. I love SW2:Empires even if it does have a daft name, just like Dynasty Warriors 5 and Bladestorm. 800pts in it already and it’ll just take a bit of effort for me to get the other 200 points, nothing major. That will make it my 23rd retail completion, bit low really considering how many games I’ve played! However, I’m not very keen on Samurai Warriors 2:XL. It just didn’t grab me at all so I sent it back to Lovefilm today, I’ll go back to it when I’m more desperate for points I think. Warriors Orochi is another one in Koei’s neverending stable of Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors games, but I prefer it to SW2:XL. Points look a bit harder to get though but hopefully it’s just more time consuming rather than anything else.

Forza 2 has certainly been my surprise hit of late. I’ve put off purchasing it for a long time. I’ve never been very good at racing games, I get by usually, but I don’t tend to have the patience to hone my skills at them so generally I just don’t bother. The last racing game I played was probably PGR3, again I kept meaning to buy PGR4 but never got round to it. So as the Forza 2:Collector’s Edition was available at the same time as I was purchasing SW2:Empires in the 2 for £20 range, I thought it was worth a go. I’m very glad I did, I’m hooked! Nokkon sent me a ridiculous number of cars to get me started and I’ve been having a great time, it’s probably not quite the correct way of doing it as I’ve got so many good cars to start with but I’m enjoying it which has to be the main thing. Looks like it’ll last me a good long while too 🙂

Both Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise and Infinite Undiscovery come out Friday and I really wish I could buy one or both. But unless money magically appears in front of me, it won’t be happening 🙁 I’m going on holiday Monday-Friday to Center Parcs with friends (arranged before my Dad died and when I was still working so could afford it) and it’s going to cost me a fortune so no chance. I’d trade something in but there’s nothing I’ve completed that I can trade in, which means that really I have plenty of games to play anyhow so I should get on with that first!

Hoping to have more chance to write while I’m away so fingers crossed for some more interesting discussion soon. Oh and a Space Siege review for the PC has just been uploaded, feel free to read, just don’t buy the game! A STALKER:Clear Sky review will be up in the next week or so too as my copy’s arriving tomorrow hopefully.

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  1. NokkonWud

    Have you actually fully 1k’d any of those SW/Bladestorm/DW games yet? You do seem to get a lot of points from them – and people have a go at me for loving sports games… :(.

    Have you since bought VP:TiP or have you got it on Rental. I’ve just got another 3 month trial and I’m hoping for PArty Animals, so I’ll need your help again – but if you need any help with any online achievements let me know, I’ll chuck them into my queue.

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