How not to walk down the stairs

Broken Foot

The past week didn’t really go to plan for me. That might be an understatement.
My workload was gradually going down, got the Harry Potter DS review done for PixelatedGamer, and the Madballs in Babo: Invasion review for GamesAreEvil. All going nice and swimmingly.
Woke up last Thursday, dozing and half asleep: ahead of me was half a day doing my Grandmother’s food shopping for the week and spending some time with her, the other half of the day I was going to get on with an article for TheGameReviews. The doorbell went, looks like the postman’s delivering a parcel for the neighbours again while they’re at work. I got dressed quickly and rushed downstairs. Rushing is bad. In my half asleep state, I managed to ‘forget’ one of the steps on the stairs despite living there for the past 21 years. I fell a few steps, not many, but enough that I ended up a fair distance from where I started. All the weight went on my right foot as it twisted and ended up hitting the floor the wrong side up bending mostly everything in my foot about. CRUNCH! I actually heard a rather nasty snap noise too, lovely.

And that was how I spent half of Thursday in Accident & Emergency, and how come I’m now sitting here with my foot in a knee high cast unable to put any weight on it. Nice 🙁 I’ve never broken anything before, or been forced to rest up in this way. Needless to say it sucks! I broke my Fifth Metatarsal in my foot. It’s the bone that links my ankle bone to my little toe. In many ways, I was lucky, I was terrified I’d broken my ankle having had friends suffer badly from such injury. Instead, besides the foot bone, I ‘severely’ sprained my ankle, which also hurts. Lots.
I’ve got my next appointment about it a week Friday, hoping I’ll then be given a weight bearing cast meaning I can actually put weight on it and walk in a vaguely human way. For now though, I have to keep it elevated at all times (otherwise it gets inflamed, burns up and is generally extra painful rather than usual painful) and rest it at all times. The fracture is jagged which means there’s a chance it won’t knit properly by itself if I don’t rest it properly, meaning an operation. Which is a very scary proposition so I’m trying to do everything right. As it is, I’ve got these two weeks in a cast, then the next 4 weeks after that in another lighter cast, then maybe, just maybe I’ll be free of the damned thing but then in need of physio and various exercises to rebuild my leg strength. And all because I rushed to the postman at the door, and it wasn’t even a parcel for me. Fun, eh?

Anyway, enough whining. My twitter followers already have to suffer enough of that! To try to keep me sane, I used my hard earned savings on purchasing a PS3. I was planning on waiting a bit longer but it made sense. So I now have that to keep me busy for a bit 🙂 See my other post for my impressions of it.

Updates might be a little slower over the next week or so, a lot of it depends on how well my brain works thanks to lovely painkillers. I’ve cut back my workload the best I can so as not to let people down.

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  1. NokkonWud

    You’ve made it sound even more cringeworthy without the cap of 140 characters :(. Ouch!

    Hopefully it heals ahead of schedule :).

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