Henry’s Crime and some gaming advice required

Life: To borrow a line from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, ‘Life? Don’t talk to me about life’. I haven’t slept properly in over a week and it’s taking its toll. My brain likes to worry about everything late at night, worrying that I won’t achieve the goals I’ve set myself and that my life is stagnating. Obviously it chooses this over the much more sensible sleep option. Worrying is pointless clearly, doing is a much better idea. Doubting yourself is never fun, especially not at 2am. Still, it’ll pass. Usually does. I’ll stop whining now as I’m boring myself.

Reading: I’m nearing the end of Shutter island. It’s good and keeps very closely to the film. I’m hoping the end is slightly different though. Not sure what will be next. I’m in a house surrounded by books though so that should help!

Film: Orange Wednesday was spent watching Henry’s Crime. This was a mistake. It was awful. James Caan and Vera Farmiga acted Keanu Reeves off the screen, and Reeves offered none of the charm that ensures you forgive him for his wooden acting. The writing was dodgy to say the least and I found myself watching scenes and questioning why the writer thought soandso was a good idea. Ultimately though, it was intensely boring. I have never fallen asleep in the cinema. Until now. Fortunately only for a few seconds but that’s just how bored I was. And I saw Little Fockers.

I really should have gone with the other choice: Love and Other Drugs. Although I’m suspicious as to whether that was much better.

Games: Games wise, I’m embargoed to pieces with my main two games at the moment – Breach and Dead Space 2. I’ll offer some thoughts on them when I’m allowed to later in the week. I quite like embargos though, it’s that silly part of me that feels a bit more like a ‘proper’ writer when that happens. Of course it’s also a bit irritating too when I want to openly discuss something, still, only a few days to go.

I’ve also been playing a hell of a lot of The Sims 3. I’m one achievement off the 1000 points which equates to about an hour or two at most. That’s after around 60 hours of playing it so it’s been quite a commitment. I’m a big fan of The Sims, always have been. I can understand why some people hate it – it is just a time management sim at heart after all – but it draws me in like no other game. I think it’s the wealth of options and how you can let your imagination go fairly wild. Having said that, after playing very little else other than it for the past two weeks, I’ll be pleased to move onto something else.

This brings me to the next point – what on earth to play?! The choices are a bit overwhelming. It’ll make my enforced no new games purchases till Dragon Age 2 thing a bit easier (too many outgoings between now and then. It’ll be good for me I’m sure). I’ll enclose the list now just for the hell of it and also to see what people would recommend I tackle next.

Assassin’s Creed 2 – I completed and adored AC: Brotherhood but I’ve hardly played this one.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Will I ever play this game properly? It’s been in my pile of shame for a long time now.

Bayonetta – I’ve played this before but I’m tempted by another playthrough on the right profile and just because my memories are surprisingly vague.

Crackdown 2 – Originally a purchase alongside a second copy for NokkonWud, neither of us have played it since!

Deadly Premonition – I know it’s been praised mostly everywhere. I bought it shortly after launch and haven’t touched it since. I’m sorry.

Dragon Age DLC – Awakening to be exact, and a couple of other pieces I bought with leftover MS points the other week. I should play it before DA2 but I don’t feel as enthusiastic as I thought I would.

Enslaved – Loved it when I played it over Christmas. It was cruelly ignored because…actually I’m not sure why.

Fallout: New Vegas – Bought this when it first came out. A mistake considering it’s so cheap now and I’ve played it for the grand total of 30 minutes.

Halo Reach – Bought this a while ago to play co-op with friends. The main friend who encouraged me to do this subsequently became bored of gaming and is hardly online now. D’oh! Did rather like the multiplayer for this though. Very surprising for me with a Halo game.

Kane & Lynch 2 – Bought for a fiver over Christmas. Seemed mindless but ok in places. It’s very short isn’t it? Maybe I should tackle that next then.

Mass Effect 2 DLC – Bought it all when it was for sale on the Xbox Marketplace. Loved ME2, quite fancy returning to it. I have no idea how the DLC is integrated, whether this means starting a new game or anything.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – Lovely Nokkon bought me this for Christmas. Then I was ill and my reflexes were like a cat’s. Unfortunately they were like my cat’s thus I was crap. I enjoyed it though. My reflexes are back to their usual average self, so perhaps it’s time to return?

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – Returned to this before Christmas. Should really finish it as it’s meant to be short.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – Started this shortly after Christmas. Liked it. Then I plotted to 1k The Sims.

So what should it be then? I reckon something quick and easy but good would be a good idea after 60 hours with the same game. Especially as it’s going to be alongside some review work.

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  1. Psymonkee

    I think a little Crackdown 2. 3 player co-op style 😀

    (Done about 3 hours worth, not gone back :()

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