So the first day of 2011, I’ve finished my OneADay and here I am, blogging.

I had some ideas to write about and felt like it. Don’t expect a blog tomorrow. It would be quite funny if I find myself with another idea to blog about tomorrow though.

Thank you so much for all the congratulatory comments and tweets yesterday. Even bigger thanks to those who were able to chip in a bit for the JustGiving fundraising also. Throughout the year, the support from you lot has been lovely, thanks 🙂 It’s made some particularly harsh times in 2010 much easier to bear.

My plan for this blog in 2011 is fairly simple. I fully intend on blogging 3 times a week (not sure on days yet, just assume every other day or so). Content wise? Mixture of stuff.

I really like Brad Gallaway’s style of blogging so I might adopt that to an extent. I also really want to write more about films. I like films, I like writing, it makes sense. It’s going to be quite experimental though as I’ve never really written about films a huge amount. I also want to write about the pile of shame that I may or may not actually tackle. Time will tell.

Also my New Year resolutions…to succeed sounds about right to me. I’ve got some ideas and I’d really like to expand my horizons in terms of where I’m writing. It’d be good for me I think. I want to focus more so on my feature writing as I’ve been writing a huge amount of reviews lately. It’d be nice to do something different.

I’m aiming to be fitter too. My foot’s at a stage where I can get by with minimal pain so this seems like a good opportunity to build up my stamina and general physique, especially now that I’m working from home and don’t have a physical job.

I’m feeling quite excited about the change of pace for the blog. Much like I did when I started OneADay so it must be the right move. Hopefully people will stick around too. 🙂