Happy Birthday Dad

It’s my Dad’s birthday today. He would have been 66.

There’s a lot that I’ve considered saying on here, having mulled over so many thoughts in the night. In the end though, I struggle to know what to say. There’s so much I could say and that I think, but…but the words falter. The ones that do show up, I delete instead. I’ll save the anger and bitterness at the world. I’ll resist the self analytical rambles as I try to get people to understand my brain. I’ll stick with the core of the matter.

I miss you so, so much Dad.

One Thought to “Happy Birthday Dad”

  1. Dan

    Deepest sympathy to you, your Dad is probably looking down on you, being very proud of you for being so strong and keeping your life on track. Happy Birthday to your father.

    I responded to this purely because you are great at what you do and how passionate you are about games and also how this post hit me quite hard, i’m not in the same position as you but reading it, it did put me in your position for a few minutes which made me quite emotional.

    I wish you all the best.
    you are wonderful at what you do. please keep it up.

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