Happy Birthday Dad

I wasn’t going to mention it on here initially as for the most part I keep a lot of the personal bloggy stuff away from here. However I feel like it so I will.
It would have been my Dad’s birthday today. He would have been 64 today, not young, but not old enough to die either really. But he died last April suddenly, so this is the first birthday without him. I’d love to say I’m dealing with all the grief impeccably, in reality I’m not and I suspect no one really does. Mine is a mixture of extreme feeling of being alone yet also not talking about it with anyone other than my Mum. Lovely combination and that’s not even the half of it really. The truth is it’s because I can’t stand people coming up with ‘answers’ to a problem that has no solution, it just tends to make me go all emo and ‘you don’t understand’ ish so I keep quiet instead.

The next few weeks are going to be especially tough for me as it’s also coming up to the period where this time last year he was ill with a seemingly innocuous bug, and then culminating in his very sudden and graphic death at home on April 12th 2008.

Anyway, I won’t dwell. This isn’t that sort of blog, but I guess I just wanted to highlight it. Everyone’s got to write purely for their own benefit sometimes.

As you all were!

1 thought on “Happy Birthday Dad

  1. Cath

    Dear Haly, what a nice ‘easy on the eyes’ web site, and what a nice tribute to your dad. It comes up on google and I think even though you keep your personal bloggy stuff off your site, it fits in nicely.
    I was googling because my sister has a website, and I was searching for Happy Birthday Dad
    Hope all your gaming and things are going well.
    Best Wishes

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