Gaming Round Up Part Deux

Monsters Vs Aliens
I’ve been meaning to update for over a week now. I’ve gradually been able to construct this entry bit by bit over the last few evenings. The weather has been hot here, and I’m crap in hot weather. My energy is non-existent and I just end up postponing mostly everything until the rain and clouds return. So yeah, I’m not a Summer person! I love the light evenings, but the heat, bleh no.

Anyway, somehow I feel like I haven’t gamed hugely but having had a look, I appear to have gamed quite a bit, with plenty to come too! I’m going to be lazy tonight (after all, it’s hot and I’m lethargic) and just stick some headings down instead of ‘skillfully’ leaping from subject to subject in an intelligent fashion.

New games mostly untouched
A couple of weeks ago I did a trade for a couple of games, so I now have Halo Wars (the shiny Limited Edition one at that) and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts in my posession. The terrible thing is I’ve still not got round to playing either of these! I don’t want to simply play them for 30 minutes then forget about them so I’m waiting until I can devote some proper time to them. A similar thing has happened with Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Well, partially. I pre-ordered it ages ago for £17.99 so despite some reservations, I kept the pre-order and it arrived on time. The problem is after 6hrs or so, I just can’t get into it. I think that maybe I would eventually but I don’t feel I’ve got the time or inclination to put into it right now. So I traded it in this morning for £22 so a bit of a profit there. Not much, but it makes sense rather than having it sitting there depreciating away. I will play it in the future, just not sure when.

I managed to pick up Guitar Hero: World Tour for the princely sum of £15. My local supermarket had them labelled up as £38 but thanks to a tip off online, once scanned through they show up as £15 so I went for it. I know it’s not as good as Rock Band 2 (and it’s not in fact!) but it’s worth it at that price for the sake of new songs. 🙂 Actually, I didn’t even pay for it as my Mum treated me as she enjoys Rock Band/Guitar Hero as well, so excellent going. I’ve done well with my bargain hunting when it comes to Rock Band related stuff. I paid £50 for the Rock Band Instrument Set, borrowed Rock Band 1 off a friend, paid £27.50 for Rock Band 2 and £15 for Guitar Hero: World Tour so I did well I think. Rock Band is brilliant but I wouldn’t have been happy paying the full price for everything!

I’ve just finished one iPhone game review with another one on the way soon. As well as that, I have Sacred 2 to review as well as Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, both for the 360. I’ve not had a chance to have a proper play of either yet, but expect some thoughts here or on twitter soon.

Movie tie ins galore
I seem to have played a lot of movie tie in games lately. It wasn’t really a conscious effort, it just seemed to happen and it was mostly thanks to the rental service I have with Lovefilm. So in the past week or so, I’ve played both X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Monsters Versus Aliens. I completed Wolverine over the course of a few days. It was the ideal rental. It is mindless and has no replay value but is still good fun and ideal for a few days entertainment. For the achievement whores, amongst you, it’s very generous with points. I managed to acquire well over half of the achievements without even trying. The only real irritants were in the latter stages of the game. Moments where the camera was irritating, or frustrating button mashing sequences. But other than that, it was leisurely but enjoyable. So far, Monsters Versus Aliens seems quite similar. Again, not very difficult, again lots of achievements, and again quite fun. I haven’t completed it yet but currently I would recommend it for those with children. I’ve also just had Wanted arrive which will hopefully be ok although I’ve heard some very dodgy reviews for it.

4 thoughts on “Gaming Round Up Part Deux

  1. Strident

    I enjoyed Monsters vs Aliens but it got very repetitive and samey and became a bit of a drag towards the end. There are some pretty clever puzzle sections in it and you can tell plenty of thought went into the design. The inclusion of a co-op feature, where a second player can basically ride shotgun, makes it perfect (I presume) for parents to play along with their children.

    I wasn’t blown away by the Wolverine demo although, as I play most superhero games, I’m sure I’ll pick it up at some point. Might be a bit too much blood for me. I have to say I wasn’t hugely impressed by Guitar Hero World Tour. They’ve made no effort to whittle down the songs in each career mode to just those that are actually fun to play on the individual instruments. It’s much more enjoyable in “quickplay” when you can pick and choose your favourites.

  2. Dunketh

    Looking forward to your Sacred 2 review, I should be getting Wolverine next on rental sounds like a good ‘no brains required’ action game, I did enjoy the demo on PSN but it’s one of those I wouldn’t want to pay full price for.

  3. Haly Post author

    So far, I’ve enjoyed the Bob sections the most 🙂 They seem great for puzzles so far.

    Wolverine is ridiculously blood thirsty! So I can see your point if gore/blood is not your thing.

    I’m much the same with Guitar Hero:World Tour but I couldn’t resist it for the price, just for extra songs really.

  4. NokkonWud

    I really quite fancy Wolverine myself. Hoping someone I know buys it so I can borrow it, but more likely I’ll pick up a rental when I go back to LoveFilm.

    I too traded in Star Ocean, I figured it best to make a trade profit whilst I’m not playing it than wait til it’s lost its value, so traded that and Sacred 2 in for Tales of Vesperia.

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