Gaming and Life Roundup

Didn’t realise it had been so long since I updated last. For you, the reader’s, benefit I’m splitting this up into different headings (usually a pet hate of mine) to cater for those of you who care about my gaming, my life/foot and my work life. So do read on.

There’s not much to life at the moment other than my foot. Went to the hospital for a check up last Friday. It could have gone better but it also could have gone a lot worse. My foot is healing but slowly so I’m still not allowed to put any weight on it for at least another week. Once I’m allowed to put weight on it, I still can’t exactly walk on it, just occasionally put my foot down. 🙁 I have got a new cast now though, a lighter, red one. You’d think that would be a good thing but it has its pros and cons. The main downside is it’s making my foot hurt more as there’s less support than with the bulky cast so I’m not overly keen on it. I’ve actually suffered more pain since this cast than in the second week of the bulky cast which is no fun at all! Here’s the x-ray shot from last week, bearing in mind this was 2 weeks after the accident. The break looked a lot more jagged when I first did it so it is getting there, just very slowly.
Broken Foot

I return to the Fracture Clinic on 4th September to see how it’s going. Hopefully I’ll have the cast removed then but I’m not holding my breath as things are going slowly and I’ll have to wait and see. I’m also certainly going to need physio on it once I am able to walk again which sucks.

Work is going very well now. I’ve learnt to adapt around when my brain’s rubbish and get on with work when I can think straight, always a handy skill. Three new notable pieces are up as well as a few more iPhone reviews.

First up is Motion Control and Disability for TheGameReviews. It didn’t fare too well on N4G and I suspect it’s a bit of a niche subject but I’m quite pleased with it. It’s a rather personal piece focusing on my Mum’s neck/arm disability and how it’s affected her ability to play on the Wii.

Then there was the latest Rumor Killers which is already old news as the developer GRIN is now officially no more.

Finally there’s the review of Steal Princess on the DS which is self explanatory really.

Things have been going very well at ThePortableGamer/GamesAreEvil. So well in fact that I have been promoted to UK Reviews Editor over there! So I now deal with European PR people and arrange review copies and that sort of thing for the site. Currently there are only two of us based in the UK or Europe for the site so I’m also working on recruitment too to make the UK side of things as successful as the US side. I’ve got at least one person in mind which should help hugely. For now, it’s a matter of getting the games in and the support! Done quite well already as a copy of Ashes Cricket 2009 for the 360 arrived on my doorstep the other morning so hopefully that’s the beginning of many.
This is something I’ve never done before but already I’m hugely enjoying it, I always like a change of pace and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.

As you can imagine, I’ve played a lot of games lately when I’ve not been writing. It’s pretty much all I can do besides watch films and I’m sure my attention span is getting worse with every film.

The Playstation 3 has had a bit less usage recently with me only really playing Little Big Planet and Valkyria Chronicles. Little Big Planet is interesting and quirky but ultimately just makes me want to play Super Mario World. A nice concept but I don’t think I’d pay for it.
Valkyria Chronicles is great but I’m stuck on it so it’s a bit frustrating!

I can only have one system plugged in at a time downstairs and while I can’t plug stuff in myself easily so the 360’s ruling the roost at the moment. Particularly as it’s resting on a cabinet which means i can actually swap discs for myself!
I’ve been enjoying Tales of Vesperia, although again got stuck on a boss. According to things I’ve read, it’s the most challenging boss of the entire game despite being early on, which is very annoying. I’ll get there eventually but still….grrr!

I’ve successfully 1ked Night at the Museum 2 which is no accomplishment really as it was a very simple game, but I did quite enjoy it. I’m now working on G-Force which is quite fun and a bit meatier than most kids games. Funnily enough in both cases, I’m not playing them merely for the sake of gamerscore points. I wanted to see what the NatM2 game was like after seeing the film, and I adore guinea pigs so had to play G-Force! Pity I probably won’t be able to see the film at the cinema though. 🙁

As well as that I’ve been playing plenty of Fallout 3 on the PC after mostly completing it on the 360. Even bought the DLC again as I’ve been enjoying it so much. Bit scary how quickly I’m going through it really!
Finally, I’m about to check out Mithra a 360 community/indie game which a friend on Twitter recommended to me and then provided me with a DLC code for it. Looks excellent from what I’ve heard, and always happy to support Indie gaming.

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