For the love of the 3DS and a catch up

Oops, it’s been a while. Illness has knocked me for six and getting my regular workload cleared was enough of a hassle without keeping this up to date. My bad!

Games: Gaming is still struggling to maintain the allure that it should. At least, outside of iOS gaming. I’ve been utterly hooked on Can Knockdown 3 this week, to the detriment of all other games, even Resident Evil Revelations which arrived.

A brief play of NCIS and Medal of Honor: Warfighter happened too, but the 360 and PS3 have been pretty deprived. Neither title was amazing but as I have a soft spot for FPSes and CSI-style games, they passed the time well enough. I’ve got a feeling that some of it is end of generation malaise. Nothing coming up for the main two consoles has really enticed me, so I’m currently considering calling it quits and trading in a pile of games that I know I’ll never get round to wrapping up (or in some cases, starting).

The 3DS has kept me keen though, luckily. I finished Fire Emblem: Awakening and felt briefly lost, but a silly cheap copy of Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars has bridged that gap, plus finally starting on Tales of the Abyss. There’s a copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate waiting for me too, although I do wish I had a Circle Pad Pro and a bigger screen to truly enjoy it. I might just stick with trying to find the time for the Wii U equivalent!

Either way, with the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns next week, the 3DS should prove to be my main console for a while longer. I’ve got pre-orders placed for Animal Crossing, Project X Zone and Etrian Odyssey IV too, so it’s a bright time for the little handheld. This doesn’t help my ever steady urge to upgrade to a 3DS XL though!

While ill, rather suitably, I plumped for a nostalgic play through of Theme Hospital, courtesy of offering a Mac compatible version. It really has aged well and I’ve enjoyed every second of it again, even if playing with the sound muted means I miss out on the joys of the announcer declaring all manners of nonsense.

There’s a new MyM out in the shops at the moment. Do go buy it. My reviews of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and Code of Princess are in there (assuming I’ve got the right issue in mind. I’m picking it up tomorrow!). Also, I’ve written a couple of things for 148apps that I want to highlight.

First up, it was Mother’s Day in the USA last weekend, so I wrote a piece about my relationship with my mother and how iOS games and apps have made it stronger. I’m quite happy with how it worked out.

Also, having played Demon Chic, a fantastically interesting and surreal adventure game for the iPad, I interviewed one of its creators and learnt more about how it came to be. The answers were brilliant and really helped me appreciate the game all the more. It’s great to see a game look at important issues such as schizophrenia, mental health on the whole, drug use and gender identity, and something I’d love to see more of.