Fire Emblem, NintendoLand and some ambitions

Games: My disinterest in the 360 and PS3 is continuing, mostly because I’m enjoying sofa time with more portable fare. I’ve had plenty of time to sink into Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen though, for the sake of a review in the next issue of MyM. It’s a bargain package for those who haven’t played it before, given you get the full game as well as the expansion pack. I’m not overly taken by Dark Arisen itself though. Little too much like Dark Souls for my liking and I prefer more openness.

Leisure time has been spent with a mixture of Fire Emblem and the Wii U. Fire Emblem is fantastic. Admittedly, I’m not concentrating on the plot as much as I should but I adore the strategic combat and even the grinding. I’ve hit a bit of a wall on Chapter 18 so I’ve spent the evening grinding exp in the hope I can get past it this weekend.

The Wii U has proven itself quite the hit too, mostly through more Super Mario and delving into NintendoLand. Yoshi’s Fruit Cart is the hit here, with a stylus focused mini-game. You have to draw a line across the screen, collecting all the fruit in the right order. The tricky part is that the TV shows the route but not the GamePad. It’s a fun yet simple idea. Lining things up isn’t as easy as you think. Once you do get the hang of the basics, new challenges come along like holes that need avoiding or fruit that rotates around the level. My Mum and I spent a couple of hours competing for the best high score. Definitely my highlight of NintendoLand. In hardier fare, I’ve got a copy of Injustice and Batman: Arkham City on the way for the Wii U so it’ll be interesting to see how the console deals with multi-platform titles.


It’s not the greatest of games but I have to mention Soccer Girl Adventure. It’s a simple auto-runner game for iOS but with a very important anti-discrimination message, thanks to the tale of a girl keen to show boys that she can play football too. Nice to see a game of this ilk, rather than the usual tried and tested formulas.

Movies: I won’t say too much about it as I don’t want to spoil anything but I saw Iron Man 3 this morning and loved it. It wasn’t what I expected and it wasn’t problem-free, but I really enjoyed it. I’ll certainly be seeing it again. I might yet write about one pivotal theme in a separate entry too, albeit with plenty of warnings for those wanting to avoid spoilers!

On a side note, it finally prompted me to pick up Civil War and Iron Man: Extremis. Two graphic novels I’ve been meaning to pick up for ages. I’d love to get more into reading comic books and graphic novels. Unfortunately, time and money always seem to get in the way!

Life: Talking of time, I’m still trying to find the time for two main aims for this year. I really want to learn to code iOS apps. I have very basic coding experience but it fascinates me. Even if I only ever know the basics of iOS coding, it’d be nice to have that feather to add to my cap. The other aim is to finally start work on a book idea I have. I won’t go into the idea further than that just yet, but it’s been rattling around my head for the past 5-6 years. There’s a script idea in there too, but hey, I need to prioritise! If someone could invent a way of not needing to sleep, I’d much appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Fire Emblem, NintendoLand and some ambitions

  1. Chris Evans

    I’m oh so tempted to get a Wii U after seeing your recent Tweets about it and from some other people. It sounds like it might actually be starting to gain some traction, though I can’t justify the expense at the moment!

  2. Haly Post author

    @Chris Evans I’m really enjoying it but it’s not quite worth the expense yet (unless you’ve got stuff to trade in like I did). Definitely getting there though. 🙂

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