Films of 2011

This year I managed to watch 250 films which isn’t bad going at all! Amongst those 250 films, I went to the cinema 50 times

Deciding what my films of the year are though is tough. Much like the gaming year, it’s been a good year for films but I’m struggling to think of something that will stick in my memory for many years to come. Simply put, there are plenty of 4 star games/films out there, not so many 5 stars though.

I’ll resurrect the categories from last year to add some structure to this ramble of a blog post.

Most overrated
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

Oh Potter. I’m not much of a Harry Potter fan admittedly but I ended up watching all of the Harry Potter films in preparation for this as my Mum was keen to see her first Potter film at the cinema. Part One was ridiculously slow and dull with some utterly cringeworthy acting too. Wandering around the wilderness in a book for a long time is probably quite interesting. In a film, it feels needless and could have done with some hefty editing.

Honourable mention in this category goes to Bridesmaids. Ignore all the comments about how it’s a female Hangover. It’s not. It’s just a regular chickflick with slightly more attitude but not enough to propel it any higher than average. It makes being female look utterly boring!

Most watched at the cinema
Limitless, The Hangover 2 and The Inbetweeners

A dead heat between these three, each watched twice. The Hangover 2 isn’t anywhere near as good as the first but it is entertaining, plus the Bradley Cooper factor helps. I maintain Limitless is quite a good film with an interesting concept. Oh and there’s Bradley Cooper again…

The Inbetweeners has no men worth looking at but it’s bloody good fun. This year’s Hangover funnily enough (unlike Bridesmaids!).

Most thought provoking

I don’t think I’ve seen any particularly thought provoking films that came out this year which has been a real shame. I saw Rendition for the first time but that’s not new. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was very interesting, but thought provoking? Nope.

So I’m giving this award to 50/50 purely because it’s an interesting look at how to deal with such grim news. I’ll talk about that more shortly though.

Redemption of the year

No one has really redeemed themselves this year like Leonardo DiCaprio did in 2010. I dislike Michael Cera less thanks to discovering Arrested Development but he still plays the same role in every film, I’ve just learnt to put up with it.

I’m pleased to see Joseph Gordon Levitt shining through now but I always knew that he was a good actor. Maybe Jude Law? He seems to have settled down a bit and become a reasonable actor. No one’s truly stood out to me yet though.

Maybe 2012 will be the year that Charlie Sheen redeems all……or perhaps not.

Ignored by everyone but really quite good
The Devil’s Double

I can’t think of anyone else I know who’s seen this but The Devil’s Double is really rather good. Clearly demonstrating that Dominic Cooper can be a great actor if given the right script, it’s not an easy watch but it is gripping. I’m unsure of its accuracy but it’s not meant to be a documentary so the story it tells (Saddam Hussein’s son ‘hires’ a body double – some poor sod who’s unlucky enough to look like him) is very interesting.

Film that delivered exactly what I expected
Sherlock Holmes 2

Bigger, better, funnier is how Empire described Sherlock Holmes 2. It’s certainly bigger. I’m not so sure about better or funnier. I’m unconvinced by Moriarity who lacks any real menance. It delivers exactly what you expect though. It’s fun, action packed and exciteable. Liked the first one? This is a no brainer.

Biggest surprise
The Inbetweeners

I’d seen a few episodes of The Inbetweeners but that was about it. My Mum and I were looking for something to see one Bank Holiday and that was the only film on at the time we were standing outside the cinema so we gave it a shot. Funniest film I’ve seen all year! Ended up seeing it a second time not long after and now I own the Blu-ray. Well written to ensure plenty of laughs but never overdoing it.

Second best film of the year
The Fighter

Somewhat deserving of the previous award is The Fighter. I’ve never seen a boxing film before due to having no interest at all in the sport. I like Christian Bale though and I wanted to see all the Oscar nominated films. I wasn’t a fan of Mark Wahlberg though as, while he always seems like a nice person, he really can’t act. He just looks a bit befuddled most of the time. Fortunately, he was great in The Fighter and Christian Bale was mesmerising and deserving of the Oscar. From the moment the film started, I was hooked. It’s not really about boxing anyway, more about family dynamics.

Film of the Year

Pipping The Fighter to the prize of my film of the year is 50/50 – a film that genuinely does make you cry as much as it makes you laugh. Joseph Gordon Levitt was always a great actor before but since 50/50, he really should be appreciated by more people. He conveys the humour in tragedy while also showing the desperation and denial perfectly too. As cliched as it sounds (and believe me, I hate this phrase), it really is quite an uplifting film despite the subject matter.

There are a few films I haven’t seen that I’m very keen to catch up with. Notably, Midnight in Paris, We Need To Talk About Kevin and Drive. All films that my local cinema decided not to show (or in the case of Drive, only show at about 11pm at night for a few nights). I’m seeing Midnight in Paris in the next few weeks at the local arthouse cinema (as well as Shame which I’m very keen to see!) and I have Drive pre-ordered on Blu-ray. So I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these categories change around. Oh and I’ll be seeing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in the next week too!

2012: I’m most looking forward to J Edgar, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and Skyfall. Plus catching up on some older classics that I’ve bought over the past year and still not seen!

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