Film Roundup – September 2012

Life has been hectic. And a bit rubbish too. Ok, very rubbish. So this blog has fallen behind quite badly. That and few readers means I just haven’t got round to updating which means fewer people visit and oh, look, a vicious circle! Anyhow, in September I only watched 9 films, although did go to the cinema 5 times. Blame The West Wing boxset for being so darn awesome. Darn? Hmm, I’ve been writing for US sites for too long!

4th: The Watch – The Watch isn’t great. It’s a typical mindless comedy with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn really. It’s fun at the time, utterly forgettable five minutes after you leave. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed though.

11th: The Dark Knight Rises – A second viewing for this film! I wasn’t overly convinced the first time round but I enjoyed it a lot more this time. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t so busy thinking ‘OMG Batman! Hypehypehype!’. I still much prefer The Dark Knight but I did enjoy it. So much in fact that I’m hoping Father Christmas will bring me the blu-ray of it. Note: Joseph Gordon Levitt is still awesome in it. Michael Caine is still the polar opposite.

15th: Puss in Boots, Man On A Ledge – I get the feeling it was a rainy day back on the 15th. Puss in Boots was ok. Not a patch on the other Shrek films but still pleasant enough. Little weird that it starts with Puss basically leaving a one night stand in the middle of the night but er, yeah. Not bad.
Man on a Ledge was similarly not bad. It was nonsense really but fun, action packed nonsense. Still very odd seeing Jamie Bell all grown up and not dancing. Oh and Sam Worthington is an actor of one look, a mildly concerned look.

18th: The Avengers – Oh, look. It’s my film of the year. What more do you need to know? Love, love, love it. Did I mention I loved it?

19th: Seeking A Friend For The End of The World – What a surprising delight this was! I expected a black comedy with elements of silliness. What I got was something akin to Lost in Translation but with the end of the world thrown in. I’ve always felt that Steve Carrell is underrated. This has proven my suspicions that he can be pretty great and also, bizarrely, an appealing male lead. I did end up in floods of tears but it was worth it. Just a lovely, and sad, film. If there’s one film I could recommend from the past few months, this is it.

20th: Ted – Back to silliness! Saw Ted at a preview in August, fancied a laugh again in September. The end is a little lacklustre and laughter free but the first two thirds are very funny. It’s probably the comedy of the summer, although that’s not saying much as it’s been a weak summer/autumn for comedies! But it is good.

25th: Lawless – It was between this or Killing Them Softly. The latter looked pretty depressing and I wasn’t in the mood for depressing. It can wait for the DVD release. Lawless, despite Shia LeBeouf, is quite good. Predictable but quite violent and nasty in places. Also, it’s an interesting true-ish story that made me go home and look up lots about it. I like films that encourage me to find out more!

26th: The Sitter – A very, very short comedy with Jonah Hill playing a terrible babysitter. The kids get embroiled in crime and it’s all quite a hectic night of babysitting. Is it fun? Yeah, but it is even more forgettable than The Watch which is saying something!