Film Roundup – September

So September was a bit of a quiet month on the film watching front. A new season of House conveniently repeated on Hallmark has helped that a lot. Only 11 films were watched in September, eesh! That does bring the total up to 180 though so 200 by the end of the year still seems plausible. Anyway, on with the line up which includes 5 (!) cinema visits.

6th: The Inbetweeners (cinema) – Yup, went to see The Inbetweeners again! There wasn’t much on at the cinema that week and it was still the best of the bunch, even having already seen it. It was good too, even despite knowing exactly what was going to happen.

7th: Mirrors – A guilty pleasure, much like The Happening. Mindless but kind of fun, especially if you spend your time thinking up what Jack Bauer would do in such a situation. Don’t spend money on it but if you happen to stumble across it late one night on TV, watch it and laugh at the ridiculous tale.

8th: The A-Team – Always a good film to watch when I need cheering up. A good blockbuster type romp as helped by the charms of Bradley Cooper.

11th: Butterfly on a Wheel – Picked this up cheap at the same time as The Truman Show although not got round to watching that (I’ve seen it before and loved it – even studied it at University!). Butterfly on a Wheel was a bit of a risky purchase, basically relying on the premise and the cast (Pierce Brosnan and Gerard Butler – both far from reliable). It was a worthy purchase though. Nice idea although one key story point was ruined thanks to glancing at something about it on IMDB. Basically, a couple have their child kidnapped and have to do exactly as the kidnapper tells them to. It gets more complicated than that though and turns into quite an interesting thriller.

15th: Zoolander – Not seen this in a long time. As soon as I started watching it, I couldn’t remember why I hadn’t seen it in such a long time. It’s brilliant. So many quotable lines and Ben Stiller has never been better.

16th: The Change Up (cinema) – Yeah it’s a predictable film. Family man Jason Bateman and waster Ryan Reynolds swap bodies thanks to a magic fountain, chaos ensues. It’s good though. Mostly because it knows when to stop. There’s some crude humour but it’s not overplayed. There’s sentimentality but again, it’s not overdone to the point of sickening. Certainly an enjoyable way to spend 2 hours.

17th: Going the Distance – Another one that offers sentimentality but not too much, just enough to be vaguely realistic. I’ve done the long distance thing, I can see the humour in the situation and the sad side of things too. Going The Distance does this well. Nice comic turns by Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day too.

20th: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (cinema) – Fantastic film! Very slow burning but excellent acting and a well written script keeps things interesting. A very traditional British thriller with no sign of explosions or any loud bangs, but one that immediately makes you interested in the book and the TV series before it. Gary Oldman particularly stood out.

24th: Jurassic Park (cinema) – Ahhh nostalgia. I’m not quite sure what to make of rereleasing films. The cynic in me sees an easy way to make more money. It’s hard to resist though especially as I never saw Jurassic Park at the cinema the first time round. It’s brilliant and it’s hardly aged a bit, give or take the odd slightly iffy moment.

27th: Crazy, Stupid, Love (cinema) – Truly surprised by this. Way better than I expected. I’d even go so far as to say vaguely realistic too, while throwing in a fantastic moment of farce three quarters of the way through. Steve Carrell does average loser brilliantly as he always does. Ryan Gosling is an attractive lady’s man and plays the part just right. Loved it. Oh and while I’m talking Ryan Gosling, NO ONE comment or tweet about how I should see Drive. I would dearly love to but the nearest cinema currently showing it is 50 miles away. This annoys me a lot.

30th: Blitz – I was really keen to see this at the cinema but didn’t get a chance. Quite glad I didn’t and in the end it was a free rental. It’s fine but nothing amazing. Jason Statham sounds like he took vocal lessons from Christian Bale and Jack Bauer and Paddy Considine is criminally underused. Entertaining enough but nothing amazing sadly.

Another month down and not many to go!