Film Roundup – October

As the infrequent blog updates will tell you, it’s been a busy month so I’ve not had as much time to blog or to watch films. Still, I found the time to watch 15 in October – 6 of which at the cinema!

195 films so far this year. Not bad at all.

4th: I Don’t Know How She Does It (cinema) – The first visit to the cinema was erm this romantic comedy chick flick thing with Sarah Jessica Parker. It was passable. Nothing more than that. Bit sexist which was infuriating given who it’s aimed at. Wasn’t really my first choice anyhow!

7th: Despicable Me – Felt in need of cheering up and who can resist the charms of Despicable Me? Lovely film, very funny and also very sweet too. As good as any Pixar movie.

8th: The Lion King (cinema), Attack the Block – My birthday weekend and I chose to go to the cinema on the Saturday. Being the very mature 27 year old that I am, I chose to go see The Lion King as I’ve not seen it in a good 12-13 years. It’s still brilliant. I only saw it in 2D, not 3D as I tend to rant when anyone suggests seeing something in 3D.

Attack the Block was a free rental. It was ok. Nothing special really. I’m glad I didn’t pay money for it. All the characters were so unlikeable that a small part of me wanted the aliens to win.

9th: Friends with Benefits (cinema), Paul – My birthday. After a tasty Sunday Roast Dinner at a great pub, I decided to go back to the cinema. Friends With Benefits this time round. It was nothing more than a romantic comedy but it was an entertaining romantic comedy at least. Bit of a dearth of good films on at the cinema around then as annoyingly my local cinema wasn’t showing Drive or Midnight in Paris. Both of which films I’m desperate to see.

I got Paul on Blu-ray for my birthday so it made sense! Liked it at the cinema and I think it’s grown on me since then. Great story and Jason Bateman in particular is fantastic in it. That reminds me, I’ve got an Arrested Development boxset to watch. Oooh.

15th: Abduction (cinema) – Did I mention the cinema was going through an iffy period in the middle of October? A friend of mine decided they’d rather go out with other friends instead of meet up with me to belatedly celebrate my birthday (cheers friend, that was a great self esteem boost) so I retreated to the cinema once more! Abduction is absolutely ridiculous. It’s appalling and Taylor Lautner can’t act at all (I’ve not seen him in anything else!) but it is fun in a terrible sort of way. I think my favourite bit was when Lautner started a scene with a limp, forgot about the limp for a couple of minutes then started limping on the other foot. Classic.

20th: The Three Musketeers (cinema) – Yes, bad month for cinema going. I wasn’t keen on this. Hardly any swashbuckling in it and the guy playing D’Artagnan was the wrong side of cocky meaning he’s just a smug kid that needs a slap.

22nd: Super – Yay, a great and very weird film! Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson (Dwight out of The US Office) feature in a film that’s kind of like Kick Ass. Some advertising blurb described it as how Kick Ass should have been. It’s right. Bit nasty and unpleasant in places but still well worth a watch. Bloody weird though!

23rd: Buried – I’ve been wanting to see this for a while. It’s ok. Ryan Reynolds is very good in it and I wouldn’t usually rate him as a great actor. The premise is interesting but it lacks a certain something. Makes for a film that’s a quirky idea but one that you’ll feel no urge to ever watch again.

25th: Contagion (cinema) – Hurrah, an excellent film at the cinema. This was great. I thought it’d be focused on the people suffering from the virus that’s wiping out the world’s population. Instead it focuses on the efforts to cure it which is much more interesting than following the usual stereotypical set ups in disaster movies. It’s also the kind of film that makes you surprisingly nervous when someone nearby coughs. Unfortunate given the cinema was full of people coughing and spluttering!

29th: Sucker Punch (half), Van Helsing – I’m so, so glad that Sucker Punch was a free rental. It was dire and I ended up switching it off halfway through. Maybe if I was a teenage boy I’d have liked it. I’m not so I didn’t.

Van Helsing was what I watched to make up for Sucker Punch. Nothing amazing but Hugh Jackman is always watchable.

30th: The Goonies, Independence Day – I’ve never seen The Goonies before. Yeah, I know. Think it was in my local video shop for many years but I just never really got round to it. I should have as it’s brilliant. Just what Spielberg does best.

Independence Day was a great example of what Will Smith does best too. Excellent film in which the US saves the world as they always seem to do in these things. Bit long but a solid film nonetheless.

I’m on film 199 at the moment so assume that I’ll hit 200 during the rest of November!

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  1. I do enjoy these posts, Jen. Keep them up!

    (Jesus that sounded like a spam comment, didn’t it?)

    Yes, it’s a great post that brings other films to my brain. I wan’t going to see Contagion, but I think I will now, based on your comments.

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