Film Roundup – November 2012

Belated, again. Sorry, mostly non-existent readers! Busy times. I did manage to find the time to watch 18 films though which wasn’t bad going. Here’s the line up, as usual:

3rd: Jurassic Park III, Zodiac – Bit of a varied day of film viewing! Jurassic Park III was due to lack of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It’s ok but very weak compared to the other Jurassic Parks. Zodiac is one of my all time favourites. It’s very dark but tells a fascinating story about the hunt for the Zodiac Killer. I like that its focus is more on the investigation than the killer.

4th: Star Wars – The perfect afternoon film to watch. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan and it is a little dated, but it is great fun. 🙂

6th: Hysteria – Ugh, I hated this. It’s a comedy about the history of the vibrator. It’s basically a Carry On film with even fewer laughs and feels distinctly cheap. I went in expecting something more interesting, I guess.

10th: Empire Strikes Back – Well, if you’re going to watch one, you should watch them all! I like Empire Strikes Back. Not as much as Star Wars though. I prefer the humour in the first one.

11th: Dark Shadows – Oh dear, another one I wasn’t keen on. Rough month! There are a couple of laughs but that’s about it. Johnny Depp really doesn’t try here and it shows.

12th: Argo – Hurrah, an amazing film! Argo is probably my favourite film of the year. More on that soon. The script is tight and the last 20 minutes are probably some of the most tense minutes in cinema. At least that I’ve seen! Great film. Ben Affleck and co deserve many awards for it.

13th: The Woman in Black – I saw this at the cinema and was pretty underwhelmed. On DVD though, and after reading the book, I liked this more. The book is much, much better, but Daniel Radcliffe does a fine job here and it’s not bad at all. There are rumours of a sequel, however, and that would be an awful idea.

17th: Rock of Ages – I wasn’t expecting much. I was expecting something akin to Mamma Mia, so silly fun really. I hated Rock of Ages though. Turned it off after about 45mins as life was beginning to feel too short.

20th: Skyfall – A second viewing! I loved this the first time round. Funnily enough, I loved it the second time too. Need I say more?

21st: Return of the Jedi – The weakest of the original trilogy but still quite fun. It’s not great but it survives thanks to the nostalgia and love of the other two. It’s also a damn sight better than the new trilogy.

23rd: Silver Linings Playbook – Bradley Cooper made this a bit of a must see, regardless of quality. It’s a good film though. Jennifer Lawrence is great, as always, and David O Russell knows how to enthral. It’s less of a comedy and much more of a drama, given I hardly laughed, meaning it’s been quite badly mismarketed. For an interesting look at how bipolar disorder affects not just the person with it, but those around them, Silver Linings Playbook does a great job.

24th: Lay the Favourite, In Time – I switched In Time off about halfway through as it was quite dire. Nice idea, really boringly done. Lay the Favourite was a mostly forgettable straight to DVD type film with Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta Jones and him off Dawson’s Creek, Joshua Jackson. It’s ok, but really nothing to seek out.

26th: Inception – I love Inception. Almost certainly one of my favourite films of all time. I need no excuse to see it other than the realisation I’ve got a couple of hours spare and I fancy seeing a great film. I love intelligent films and I love blockbusters, so it’s a great mix.

27th: Gambit – This was pretty dire. Written by the Coen Brothers, you’d expect a certain amount of quality to it. There’s hardly any here, though. It’s a waste of a good cast in Colin Firth and Alan Rickman, and the farce is just a little too overwrought and borderline irritating to be worth a viewing.

28th: Santa Claus The Movie – This was my favourite Christmas film as a child. Given it was only £3 in Lidl, I picked it up. Time and rose tinted memories have been harsh to it. It’s pretty bad. I felt genuinely sad at the realisation it’s pretty bad. 🙁

30th: Fantastic Fear of Everything – As a big Simon Pegg fan, I was looking forward to this. It was all too weird and surreal for my liking though and I found myself bored in the end. So erm, yeah.