Film Roundup – May 2012

So, here’s a very overdue report on the films I saw in May. There’ll be the roundup for June going live tomorrow too so I’m all caught up. It’s been a strange couple of months (in very good and rubbish ways), meaning less films have been watched than usual (especially in June due to Euro 2012) and is also the reason why I haven’t posted these. Anyhow, here’s the roundup. Hopefully I can still remember my opinions on the films of May!

1st: The Cabin in the Woods – This was a very pleasant surprise. I’ve never been drawn into the world of Joss Whedon and I’ll admit that I’m much more likely to switch off and become disinterested the moment I hear his name mentioned. Irrational, maybe, but I’ve never been keen on his past work. Fortunately, I loved The Avengers. Then my favourite film critic, Mark Kermode, raved about The Cabin in the Woods. So I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s not perfect and it’s a little too long and self indulgent near the end but it is a very smart film. One that I can’t really say a thing about as it’d be very easy to spoil. Just make sure to rent it when it comes out.

5th: Thor – Thought I’d give this another shot having been underwhelmed by it at the cinema last month. I’m glad I did, I enjoyed it more this time round. It’s still my least favourite of the recent Avengers films (I’m not counting the Hulk films there as they hardly have anything to do with the Mark Ruffalo Hulk) but Tom Hiddlestone lifts the film up from average and makes it very much worth a watch. I’ve yet to warm to Thor’s character though.

11th: Crash I’ve been meaning to watch this for years. Since it came out really. If I’d known how brilliant it would be, I’d have watched it years ago. I assumed it’d just be Oscar bait but it’s so much better than that, even if it does put you off visiting LA. I like films where there are no good guys or bad guys, just people who are flawed. Matt Dillon’s character is a nasty piece of work yet somehow you can’t help but sympathise at his situation but condemn how he deals with it. Smart movie, much recommended.

12th: Munich – Another film I’ve been meaning to watch for a long time but unfortunately, one I was greatly disappointed in. Having read up on the events the film is (very) loosely based on, I can see there being a great film in there. Munich isn’t it though. Instead, it’s very slow, very messy and hiding a fascinating and tragic event. It also has the use of flashbacks that make no sense whatsoever – i.e. the main character suffering from flashbacks of something he was never there to witness. Ugh. Disappointing.

18th: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Enough of the serious films. Let’s see Tom Cruise climb up a ridiculously tall building in Dubai! Ghost Protocol is silly, very unrealistic and great fun.

19th: Swinging With the Finkels – If the name isn’t a subtle hint, avoid this film at all costs. It’s awful. Martin Freeman and someone whose name I forget (Mandy Moore, possibly. I care so little for this film that I can’t be bothered to check IMDB) decide to swing in order to save their marriage. Even my high tolerance for bad rom coms couldn’t save this one.

20th: Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows – Given it stars Robert Downey Jr, my opinion is compromised. Game of Shadows isn’t as good as the first Sherlock Holmes film, although it is still entertaining. There’s less humour and I suspect Jared Harris is miscast as Moriarty, or perhaps it’s just that Andrew Scott in Sherlock is just so much better. It’s still very watchable though.

21st: Everything Must Go – Will Ferrell in a rare serious role. He does good here. I’ll admit I can’t remember much else to say about it but I do remember finding it very interesting and worth watching.

24th: The Avengers (cinema) – A second viewing. It’s still fantastic. It’s still my favourite film of the year so far. I have the Blu-ray pre-ordered. I have numerous t-shirts (including this one which is awesome). I can’t wait to see it again.

27th: Men in Black – In preparation for Men in Black 3. Annoyingly, I’ve lost my copy of Men in Black 2 but maybe that’s a blessing. I adore Men in Black. I still have very distinct memories of seeing it at the cinema with my Aunt and Uncle. Before the film, they took me to the nearby Toys R Us and told me I could buy any game and an action figure. This had never happened before (or since) and it was stupidly exciting. I bought a The Lost World action figure of Jeff Goldblum’s character and Star Wars for the Gameboy. Such an exciting day. Anyway, Men in Black is brilliant fun, both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are effortlessly cool. One of my childhood favourites.

30th: Alien – Alien hasn’t aged very well but there’s no denying its importance. I’ll admit it’s not the kind of film I’d go out of my way to watch. Maybe I’ve just seen too many parodies of it, but yeah, it’s important. Aliens will feature next month but I haven’t got round to watching Alien 3 or Resurrection yet. Saw Resurrection years ago and hated it, but not seen Alien 3 before. Keen to given its controversy.

31st: Men in Black 3 – Men in Black 3 isn’t as good as Men in Black 1 but it is better than the second one. The end also made me cry. Quite a lot. Didn’t see it coming and it was all a bit, well, if you’ve seen it and you know me, you’ll know why. I did enjoy it though. Josh Brolin stepped into the younger K role well. Emma Thompson feels underused though. Also, no Will Smith rap at the end? Boo!

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  1. Rachel

    Fab roundup! We went back and watched Alien and Aliens after Prometheus… as you say, it hasn’t aged terribly well unfortunately. Not helped by the hilarious rubber monsters!

    Personally I was rather grateful for the lack of Will Smith rap at the end of MiB3! I was actually quite relieved to find it as enjoyable as I did – I went in with very low expectations, I must admit.

    I really enjoyed Thor (as a character, as well as a film), and really feel like Marvel haven’t skipped a beat lately. There’s parts of the Avengers film which are still making me giggle weeks later. Superbly done!

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