Film Roundup – May

Thanks to so much going on during May, when I was actually home I wasn’t really in the mood to watch films. This meant that I watched a meagre (for me) 13 films during the entire month. Anyway, on with the ramble.

3rd: Scream 2, Scream 3 – Having planned to go see the latest Scream the following day, I decided to play catch up. I didn’t have the time to watch all three so I stuck with the second and third instalment. I’ve watched the first one enough times that I know the script so, despite it being the best of the three, it was a worthy sacrifice. I really enjoyed Scream 2 and 3. They’re nowhere near as clever as the first one but they’re good fun. Sometimes that’s all you need. Watching them did remind me that I need new copies though. My DVDs are pretty old and the picture is a bit odd and excessively widescreen-ish. Yes there are more intelligent ways of describing that but sod it, I’m tired.

4th: Scream 4 (cinema) – Scream 4 is quite clearly the weakest in the series. Still fun but a bit weak. Also spotted the twists a mile off.

5th: Ice Age – Rented this for some reason. It was good fun but I don’t quite get all the fuss about it. Some people I know raved so much about these films. The first one is fine but nothing special by a long shot. I’ll stick to Pixar!

6th: Brokeback Mountain – Been wanting to watch this for years. Not sure what to say about it admittedly. It’s very slow but that works well. The pace of the lifestyles portrayed would be similarly slow so it makes sense. Terribly sad too. Good film all in all. Would have loved to have seen what kind of actor Heath Ledger would have turned into. So much potential.

11th: Thor (cinema) – Hmm. I was really looking forward to this and I was really disappointed too. It was ok but the script was so weak. Yeah, comic book scripts are often a little weak but this one was cringeworthy in places and somehow reduced Natalie Portman to a very cardboard cut out style character. I didn’t like Thor either. Again, far too two dimensional despite the film being long enough to cover a lot of background info which it didn’t really. Oh well. Can’t win them all I guess.

12th: Away We Go – Love this film. Much underrated indie film with John Krasinski of US Office fame and Maya Rudolph of Bridesmaids fame. It’s very touching, sad yet sweet. Oh and it’s directed by Sam Mendes of American Beauty fame and I love it just as much as that. It’s about a couple who are expecting a baby then discover they don’t really have a ‘home’ so they travel across North America in search of somewhere that feels right for them. Touching stuff.

17th: Something Borrowed (cinema) – John Krasinski again funnily enough. Something Borrowed isn’t great. It’s fluff basically. Very formulaic romantic comedy with an ending that’s predictable yet idiotic. Made for an easy enough couple of hours during a difficult week. That’s the best compliment I can give it.

26th: The Green Hornet – This was disappointing. Mindless and easy enough but I’m very glad I didn’t pay for it (free rental). Not even sure what to say. Didn’t hate it, didn’t like it much either.

28th: Date Night – I like this a lot. It had average reviews but I found it really entertaining. Bought it in Tesco for £5 and it’s well worth that. Probably helps that I love pretty much anything featuring Steve Carrell and Tina Fey. Kind of reminds me of many films I used to watch from the 1980s. Just a silly crime caper really.

29th: Equilibrium – I’m still not sure if I liked this. It was a really interesting idea (humans take medication to have no emotion and thus there are no more wars, except anyone with emotion/rebels gets killed), but some moments were awful. Dodgy scripting again and some outrageous action scenes. Christian Bale doesn’t demonstrate his usual ability to act either which is a bit of a shame. It kept me watching though, even at 2am, so it must have done something right. If you ever watch it, look out for the bit with the dog – that’s just so, so bad! But you will keep watching…

30th: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 – The start of all the Pirates of the Caribbean films (the other three feature next month). Love this one. Great family adventure and Johnny Depp is absolutely brilliant in it. It is a little overlong though but that’s a problem that all the PoTC films suffer quite badly from. This isn’t as excessively long as the others at least!

31st: The Tourist – Ugh. The reviews were bad for a reason. My Mum wanted to see it though and it was a free rental again. Oh dear. Angelina Jolie undid all the goodwill I had for her since Changeling and Johnny Depp just made me sigh despairingly. No chemistry whatsoever and the script was abysmal. The big twist was also clearly obvious a mile off but ultimately I didn’t care because I was just pleased that the film ended.

Yup, mixed month for films indeed.

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  1. The bit with James Franco in date night was awesome. I love that guy so much!

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