Film Roundup – June

A quiet month again. Watching The Shadow Line and, during the second half of the month, the new series of Dexter on FX kept me interested in non film related things. So this time round the total was 16. I say 16. As readers will see, there are a few doubles about to feature here. Maybe July will bring a more original selection of films? Who knows.

4th: Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – Not as good as the first one but functional enough. Erm, I’m not really sure what else to say admittedly. They all tend to merge into one after a while. Johnny Depp is great as always but things really should have stopped at the first one I think.

5th: The Hangover – Having planned to see the sequel the following day, it made sense to rewatch this. Even if I do know the script pretty much. It probably is a little overhyped to some but I love it nonetheless. Great feel good movie and excellent all rounder.

6th: The Hangover 2 (cinema), Morning Glory – The Hangover 2 is pretty much the first film but not quite as good. I still enjoyed it a ton but in terms of quality, it is probably lacking a tad. It certainly borrows, very, very, very liberally from the first one. Have you seen the Youtube comparison video of the two Hangover films? No? Here ya go.

It’s got it spot on. I still like it though. Think of it as like returning to old drinking buddies because that’s exactly what it is.

I can’t remember Morning Glory well enough. I think it was ok but the fact I’ve forgotten it so easily probably means it wasn’t amazing. Vague I know. Sorry about that! Will try to keep notes on everything I see in July to stop this from happening again.

7th: Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – UGH. Film way too far. Too long. Ends abruptly. UGH!

8th: Pirates of the Carribean 4 (cinema) – This wasn’t my choice. It was my Mum’s. I’ve seen worse to be fair. It’s better than the third one at least. Still should have stopped at the first one though!

12th: Turner & Hooch, The Addams Family – Regression day! Picked up Turner & Hooch in a charity shop for £1. Loved its silly 80s charm and a very young Tom Hanks. It’s made me want to buy Big but I’m cheap and don’t want to spend £5 on it. Will keep an eye out at car boot sales instead. The Addams Family was great again. Got the second one waiting for me when I get round to it. Good Saturday afternoon fodder.

14th: Role Models – I like Role Models. It’s brash but entertaining. Even if it is very predictable. The LARPing sequence at the end is great fun though. Jane Lynch is the star of the film with some of her lines completely stealing the show.

16th: X-Men: First Class (cinema) – I wasn’t overly keen on seeing this. After the abomination of X-Men Origins: Wolverine I was wary. Plus I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see all the X-Men young and pre-everything. Absolutely loved it though. Ensured that I left the cinema feeling a real buzz, the kind of excitement you only feel after a precious few good films. Really looking forward to seeing it again on Blu-ray. And Michael Fassbender as Magneto? Magnetic indeed! 😉 Yeah I don’t know what I’m going for there either. Sorry.

19th: Air America – Only really watched half of this. It was while I was in London. That day I’d got up early, driven to London (3hrs+ journey), walked around London for a good 6hrs or so then came back to the hotel room. I was knackered and had limited TV channel options and promptly discovered a film with a very young Robert Downey Jr starring in it. Bonus. Watched 20 minutes of it, fell asleep for an hour, woke up again for 20 mins and promptly fell straight back to sleep. The bits I saw seemed alright though. Typical early 90s comedy action film really.

20th: Shooter – This was in the second hotel room having spent the day in London before driving to Hatfield in the rush hour then crashing out in the hotel. The dialogue was awful in Shooter. That’s about all I remember. It also seemed woefully cheesy.

23rd: The Hangover 2 (cinema) – Yes again. I know. I wanted to stare at Bradley Cooper some more. What can I say? I’ve been single a while but pride myself on trying to not be too shallow. Unless Bradley Cooper’s concerned. Enjoyed it again anyhow.

24th: Love and Other Drugs – Was really keen to see this at the cinema but didn’t get a chance. Glad I didn’t and instead rented it freely from rental place friends. This was pretty average and uninspiring even with the quality cast. Never mind.

25th: The Hangover – Er. Yeah. Moving along…

28th: Bridesmaids (cinema) – Had high expectations of this. Lots of places calling it the female Hangover. Sounded great to me. Turns out all the gross out scenes are in the trailer and really Bridesmaids is an above average chickflick. It’s fine but if you don’t like chickflicks, this certainly won’t convert you! Bit disappointing really. I expected more sassiness and smarter lines. Nice to see Chris O’Dowd make it in Hollywood though.

So yeah, shallow month. Let’s see what July brings. So far, after 8 days of July, I’ve only seen one film….might be a quiet film month then!

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  1. Kelvin

    Rookie mistake Jen! Put your links at the end of the blog, I got distracted on YouTube and never came back to finish reading lol. Great article though!

  2. Haly

    Tsk, your attention span is clearly terrible 😉 😀

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