Film Roundup – July

July could have been a very quiet month for film watching. It certainly started sluggishly. Then I was ill and watching films seemed like the only good way to pass the time!

5th: The Green Lantern (cinema) – A film littered with plotholes but it was still mindless fun and Ryan Reynolds is always immensely likeable. Too many things didn’t add up about the film but I liked it nonetheless. Good popcorn film all round. I have no experience of the comic books so I guess that helped lower my expectations in the first place!

10th: V for Vendetta – I’ve been meaning to watch this for a long time but only just got round to it. Really good film. It’s encouraged me to read the graphic novel at some point. Only minor quibble was the introduction of the ridiculous romance plot near the end which seemed utterly pointless.

12th: Bad Teacher (cinema) – There was nothing else on at the cinema. I wanted to go to the cinema. This was just about worthy of the asking price. Only just though. Pretty mediocre otherwise.

17th: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and 20th: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – The start of the Harry Potter marathon. My Mum wants to see the new one at the cinema and it makes sense that I actually know WTF is going on. They’re surprisingly not awful but not really my kind of thing. Daniel Radcliffe is intensely annoying but Rupert Grint is pretty good even at a young age. I can see how I’d have loved these as a kid though.

22nd: You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger – The latest Woody Allen film. Predictable and forgettable. I really like his early work but he’s been so very patchy of late. Vicky Cristina Barcelona excused in that summary of course.

23rd: Smokin’ Aces (part), The Pink Panther Strikes Again – Started watching Smokin’ Aces. Turned it off after 30 minutes. Too many characters and ultimately I just didn’t care enough. Watched The Pink Panther Strikes Again instead which was terrific fun. Peter Sellars is just fantastic in the role as Clouseau.

24th: Paul – Saw this at the cinema and loved it. Also loved it on DVD. Big fan of Simon Pegg so that helps! So many clever touches that might be easily missed after just one viewing. Will definitely be picking this up cheap on Blu-ray at some point.

25th: Sherlock Holmes, The Last Boy Scout – I woke up feeling like crap. Sherlock Holmes is one of my main go to films when feeling crap. The other being The Hangover which was watched sufficient times last month! Can’t beat the lovely Robert Downey Jr (I bet he’s soooo boring in real life these days but he’s always excellent in film roles!) and it’s an entertaining story too. Mark Strong in particular is great in the film too.

The Last Boy Scout was another very easy film to watch. It was also the first 18 certificate I ever watched, when I was about 12-13 I think. It’s nothing special but it’s still special in terms of childhood memories!

26th: Cars, Natural Born Killers – Yeah, quite a leap in genres there! Cars was frivolous fun but not really one of my favourite Pixar films. Fun but squarely aimed at kids and understandably so.

Natural Born Killers is another one I’ve wanted to watch for a while. It frequently makes for uncomfortable viewing but it is great. Raw seems like a great word to describe it. Both Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis are fantastic in it. Having said all that, it’s not a film I have any intention on seeing again any time soon. It just feels like a film that would lose impact after multiple viewings.

27th: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Another Harry Potter film. See above for my views on them. This was my least favourite of the lot so far though.

28th: Horrible Bosses (cinema) – Really liked this. Jason Bateman is the likeable loser (and worryingly seems to become more attractive the more I see him in Arrested Development. Clearly this is a disturbing er development). Jason Sudeikis is similarly likeable. Charlie Day is squeaky and irritating but I suspect he’s meant to be. Jennifer Aniston must have loved her role too, such a change from usual!

29th: Layer Cake, Lost in Translation (last 30mins) – Two films I haven’t seen in a long time and I’ve forgotten how great they are. Daniel Craig has never been so attractive as he is in Layer Cake and it’s a great twisted moral tale with a fantastic ending. Awesome soundtrack too! I only caught the end of Lost in Translation but that brief time reminded me how much I love the film. It’s a film in which nothing happens and yet everything happens too. Great slice of life. Love the ambiguity of the ending too.

30th: Aladdin, Limitless – Picked up Aladdin for £5 in Asda. It’s aged well and is still my second favourite Disney film after The Lion King. Robin Williams really makes it. Limitless is a guilty pleasure thanks to Bradley Cooper but it’s a good film too. It could have explored the concept of a pill offering limitless potential a bit more but what’s there is still solid. Certainly one of the better thrillers I’ve seen this year.

Tune in this time next month for more film based ramblings. Oh and I’m up to 149 films so far this year! In fact the 150th film has been watched already but you’ll have to check back next month for details on that.