Film Roundup – August 2012

Yes, there’s quite a delay on this. Sorry about that. The problem with writing these for my benefit more than others is that it always falls behind in favour of work based things. That and I’m a bit idle when I get the chance to be. August wasn’t even a particularly busy film viewing month given the presence of the Olympics and The West Wing complete box set. I only watched 11 films across the month and a mere 2 at the cinema. Anyhow, in case there’s someone still reading, here you go:

1st: Easy A – I liked Easy A but it’s a victim of time. It couldn’t have been that great as I only vaguely remember the plot. Still, Emma Stone is a promising young actress.

5th: Larry Crowne – I remember Larry Crowne for all the wrong reasons. It was awful. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are criminally underused, the plot goes nowhere of any interest and it’s incredibly cringeworthy. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

13th: The Bourne Identity
14th: The Bourne Supremacy
15th: The Bourne Ultimatum
– I’ll lump these three in together, mostly because I’ve lost track of what happened in which film (except Paddy Considine, he was definitely in the last one). I wasn’t keen. At all. I know it’s sacrilegious to say but I really didn’t enjoy the trilogy. I’ve tried hard and watched the first one a couple of times but they just don’t do it for me. Much of it, I suspect, is down to the fact that Matt Damon really, really irritates me. Not conducive to enjoying a film where he plays the lead role admittedly! But I persevered mostly because I wanted to see The Bourne Legacy at the cinema…

16th: The Bourne Legacy (cinema) – …which I did despite concerns that I’d hate it given my dislike of the previous three. Turns out that I loved it. Much prefer Jeremy Renner as the leading man as I rate him as a much better and less wooden actor. Story grabbed my attention and Rachel Weisz was pretty good too. Makes it tough to recommend to others though as I know a lot of people rate the original trilogy highly and then aren’t keen on this one. Maybe I’m the exception? Who knows!

18th: Uncertainty – This is a film no one else will have noticed the existence of. Joseph Gordon Levitt is the only name of note and is also why I chose to watch it. A young couple take a huge decision by flipping a coin on a bridge one morning. Each route takes them down a very different path. One very family orientated, one very dangerous with some generic Eastern European gangster types chasing after them. Neither path is as interesting as it should be but Joseph Gordon Levitt just about saves the day with a decent turn. Pity the woman in it can’t act at all.

19th: Lockout – Ahh Guy Pearce. Who knows why he picks the scripts he does – Lockout turns out to be part Die Hard, part Con Air, in space – but he always improves a potentially dire film. Lockout is nothing clever but Pearce’s charm means you forgive it a multitude of sin. Want a mindless action film? This one’s a not bad choice at all.

20th: We Bought a Zoo – Hey, Matt Damon. Again. This wasn’t my choice, it was my Mum’s. We switched it off after about 20 minutes. It was quite, quite awful. Not quite as bad as Larry Crowne though.

21st: The Wedding Video (cinema) – British rom com with Rufus Hound and Robert Webb? OK, so it was low budget and nothing hugely memorable but there was charm. It was quite sweet in places and still provided a laugh or two. Turns out Rufus Hound isn’t bad at acting too.

25th: The Hangover – I can’t remember what happened on the 25th but I’m guessing I needed comfort cinema. I got it. I do know the script to The Hangover by now though.