Film Roundup – April 2012

April was quite a tough month. This roundup isn’t about discussing that but somehow amongst the stressful times, I found time to watch 16 films. Not too bad at all. As usual, here are my thoughts.

1st: Midnight in Paris – I wasn’t too keen on this back in January but I enjoyed it more on second viewing. It’s a clever film indeed and a must see for fans of the 1920s or Woody Allen.

6th: Small Time Crooks, The Ides of March – Only watched half of Small Time Crooks with my Mum before going out. I can hardly remember it now but I think it was ok.
The Ides of March is a decent film. Not quite as smartly written as if Aaron Sorkin had been the scriptwriter but Ryan Gosling and George Clooney show off their respective acting prowess.

7th: Yes Man. Anuvahood – I had to spend the afternoon sorting out my old laptop ready for selling so I thought I’d poke around with the Lovefilm instant account I’ve hardly touched. I settled on Yes Man which was daft really considering I own it on DVD. Enjoyable film (and good book too). Jim Carrey isn’t too over the top and there’s Bradley Cooper for me to gaze at. Win win.
I couldn’t sleep that night so thought I’d give Anuvahood a shot. It was awful. Avoid.

8th: The Mummy, Bad Teacher – The Mummy is a very enjoyable, old fashioned (despite being made in the 90s) romp of an action film, reminiscient of Indiana Jones really. Great way to spend an afternoon.
Bad Teacher was cheap to buy in Tesco. It’s ok with a few laugh out loud moments but a little weak otherwise.

9th: The In-Laws, Red, Wedding Crashers – The In-Laws is another very easy to watch film (yeah, nothing challenging this month. My brain had enough trouble with life!). Michael Douglas is a spy whose son (a young Ryan Reynolds) is getting married just as he’s finalising a big project. Chaos ensues when Ryan Reynolds’ future father in law gets involved. It’s quite like a lot of 80s comedies which is probably why it suits Michael Douglas.
Red offers a great cast, a predictable story and lots of explosions. It’s hard to dislike anything with a cast as varied as Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman.
Wedding Crashers is a film I know far too well but I was in dire need of falling asleep to something familiar and comforting. Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and Bradley Cooper fit the bill.

11th: Big, The Proposal – Love Big. Fantastic film that’s touching yet very funny. Tom Hanks is brilliant in it.
The Proposal is an underrated but very predictable rom com. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock perform their roles admirably but do expect to switch your brain off for a couple of hours.

21st: The Change Up – Fast becoming Ryan Reynolds’ month in this household, I picked up The Change Up for £10 on blu-ray. It’s a little crude in places but in the good way. Nice to see Jason Bateman not playing the straight man too.

26th: The Avengers (cinema) – YAY. The Avengers has a very good chance of being my favourite film of the year. I adored every second of it. The Hulk steals every scene he’s in but all the other characters are still great. It’s just an utterly brilliant example of a Blockbuster movie. Get to it if you haven’t watched it yet.

27th: Cedar Rapids – This was switched off about 45 minutes in. It’s just not funny. At all.

28th: Stripes – Something that should have been switched off 45 minutes in – a very dated 80s comedy with Bill Murray. It’s just bad and sexist and unfunny and, ugh, dated.

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