Film Roundup – April

April was the quiest month so far for film viewing. Rediscovering House thanks to the Season Six boxset is probably responsible for this.

Still, I managed to watch 23 films which isn’t bad going at all! Also tips me over to 102 for the year so far. Impressive.

2nd: Minority Report – I’ve been meaning to see this for ages. Mostly because people always seem to reference it, a la ‘Oooh it’s all a bit Minority Reportish isn’t it?’, that kind of thing when it comes to fancy technology and arresting people before they’ve done anything. Good film. Nothing mind blowing or anything but interesting concept and Tom Cruise isn’t bad in it.

3rd: Apocalypse Now – Another film I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. Very iconic film and all that. Rightfully so. It’s fantastic. Utterly bizarre too. Really must follow it up with the likes of Platoon and The Deer Hunter soon.

4th: Infamous – Been wanting to see this……I’m sorry, I’ll stop repeating myself. Must have been a run of playing catch up. Great film and some fantastic performances by all involved, especially Sandra Bullock who I was particularly impressed by. I’d like to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s portrayal of Capote now so I’ll be watching that soonish hopefully.

6th: Fargo – Seen this many times before but felt like watching it again. Great stuff, love the Coen Brothers. Always manage to be quirky and compelling in equal doses.

8th: Terminator 2 – Classic stuff. Bit weird watching it when they discuss dates that have already been and gone, mind! 😉 Robert Patrick makes a great bad guy, really threatening and unnerving.

9th: Chinatown – Another classic. It’s ok, I’ll let myself down when it comes to quality films I’m sure. The problem with the classics though is I’m never sure what to say other than ‘watch this’!

10th: Knight and Day, Batman Begins (half) – There we go, I’ve let the side down. Knight and Day is very watchable but nothing amazing. Handy if you want something mindless though. Tom Cruise is always good at these kind of films, it’s when he tries to act he struggles I find.

Only watched the second half of Batman Begins as I caught it while channel hopping in bed. I wasn’t so keen on it before and much preferred The Dark Knight, but I really enjoyed it this time around. Tempted to pick it up on Blu-ray at some point.

11th: Clash of the Titans – I had low expectations for this one so at least I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve seen worse but I’ve seen a lot better too.

13th: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Source Code (cinema) – Ugh, Attack of the Clones was awful. It made The Phantom Menace seem quite reasonable. I’ve yet to see Revenge of the Sith but I hope it’s not as much of a slog as the first two.

Source Code was very good. Really clever Groundhog Day idea crossed with a thriller. Jake Gyllenhaal was great in it and it was a tightly written tale. A few moments were a little predictable but not to the detriment of the tale. Looking forward to seeing it again on DVD/Blu-ray.

14th: The Proposal – Guilty pleasure. It’s a really fun romantic comedy despite being initially unsure a few years ago when I first saw the trailer. Great comic turns by both Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Good, feel good cinema.

16th: There’s Something About Mary – Love There’s Something About Mary. Really funny stuff. So much better than the Farrelly Brothers’ later films like Shallow Hal and Hall Pass. Plus the folk singer is the best thing about the film. Not a sentence I use very often!

18th: He’s Just Not That Into You – Another guilty pleasure. Predictable yet smile inducing romantic comedy. It also happens to feature Bradley Cooper which helps quite a bit on the enjoyment scale. Oddly I don’t own it so I’d best rectify that at some point. Some of the stuff women convince themselves of in this film is pretty cringeworthy but as a fun tale, it’s sound.

20th: Limitless (cinema) – Hey look, it’s Bradley Cooper again. It is a good film though. Another sci-fi film with a clever idea though. Clearly Inception has done wonders for sci-fi in the truest sense (as in not all about spaceships).

23rd: The Blind Side – Returning to the ‘I’ve been meaning to watch this’ pile, this truly surprised me. I expected to watch it, appreciate it as a good film but not overly enjoy it. Instead I loved it and was completely enthralled. Sandra Bullock fully deserved her Oscar and all the accolade as she was fantastic.

24th: Mary Poppins (half), The Dark Knight – Me and my Mum were planning to go out for the day but we got distracted by Mary Poppins and found ourselves leaving much later. It’s aged well, I’m pleased to say. Longer than I remember though!

Been meaning to watch The Dark Knight on Blu-ray since I bought it nearly 2 years ago. Finally got around to it. Great film. Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker is astonishing and of course tragic too. Would have loved to have seen what he’d done next. He had great potential. Regardless of what happened, he deserved that Oscar without a doubt. So menacing!

25th: Thank You For Smoking, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People – A friend recommended Thank You For Smoking to me and I’m very pleased he did. Great satire with Aaron Eckhart that I’d never heard of before he mentioned it. As you can guess from the title, it’s all about the tobacco industry but it’s fascinating stuff as well as very funny.

How To Lose Friends & Alienate People is much more low brow but I find Simon Pegg consistently entertaining and he is in this. Worth the £1.99 I paid to buy it.

27th: Arthur (cinema) – Russell Brand is a love him or loathe him person I think. In my case, I like him. He plays roughly the same character every time but it’s an entertaining character if a little sad. I liked the original Arthur and I liked this one. All that needs to be said really.

29th: Mary Poppins (second half), Switching Channels – The second half of Mary Poppins, already covered this. Switching Channels was the film I wanted to see when instead I saw Broadcast News and The Paper earlier in the year. Finally I got to see it. Turns out it’s typical 1980s Saturday afternoon nonsense. Nice to see a film with Kathleen Turner, Burt Reynolds and Christopher Reeve in it again!

On with May eh? As a preview, I’m up to 5 films in 6 days so far! Reckon it’ll tail off soon enough though.