Elbows, Puppies, oh and Games

Point increase since 4th December: 1355
The usual start: another review! This time it’s The Last Remnant. A game that I was pleased to get a chance to review. I didn’t get a chance to complete this thanks to tight deadlines so I’ll certainly be playing this in my free time. As is often the way when it comes to JRPGs, it is an acquired taste but just my kind of thing despite its faults that stops it being amazing.

Currently I’m busy reviewing Scene It: Box Office Smash and Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria so expect those reviews in the near future. After that I’m not sure what’s lined up but I’d quite like a break over Christmas! Think I’m spending more hours reviewing than I do with my paid work at the moment!

It’s been a good week gamerscore wise. The AV Forums Xmas Challenge has done my motivation wonders! It’s also mainly thanks to Scene It: Box Office Smash which I’ve got nearly 700 points from just two evenings play. GRAW isn’t bad either and great for points. I’ve been using the invincibility cheat because I’m lazy but it’s quite fun. Can definitely see why it was so highly regarded at release. I’d be tempted to pick up GRAW2 when I can find it cheap enough.

Space Chimps is ok, usual easy 1k platformer aimed at kids but it’s quite good mindless fun. As you can see, all these games helped me hit 69k. Only 1000 points off my target for the end of the year which should be quite possible. Mixture of Madden 09, NBA2k9, Scene It and whatever is the next rental I receive should certainly do it. Not forgetting games like Quantum of Solace and Fallout 3.

I also treated myself to a new faceplate:

It looks much better at night but still looks cool. The website address on it is a bit tacky unfortunately. Oh and yes I know the cables are a mess, really must get round to tidying it! Although not right now as my elbow’s well and truly knackered for now.

As regular readers may have seen in my previous entry, my elbow was swollen and slightly infected due to a fall. Now it’s properly infected and I’m on 2 types of antibiotics 4 times a day for a week as well as some stronger painkillers. If it doesn’t improve I’ve got an appointment for the end of the year (literally, it’s New Year’s Eve) to see a different doctor (presumably the last Doctor has run out of ideas if the antibiotics don’t work) who will assess it. Then possibly I have to have a steroid injection in my elbow, pleasant. Anyways, it bloody hurts. More than it did last week. My elbow is now about twice the size it was, it switches between burning and stinging. It’s always red and hot and even brushing against my own clothing, it hurts. Bending it hurts…..well you get the idea, it hurts! It’s crap only being able to use one arm most of the time, I can’t even use my left arm to pick up the remote because it involves twisting, grrrrr! Plus the antibiotics are making me feel crap both mentally and physically. Luckily no work till Sunday so hopefully it’ll have improved significantly by then as I really couldn’t do work without lots of pain at the moment.

And on the plus side, there will be a new addition to the household soon! No it’s not a baby *gets scared at the very thought*, although it’ll probably need nearly as much care as one :p
It’s a puppy!

Meet…….puppy. There is a fair chance he will be called Rufus, but for now, puppy 😉

He’s 10 weeks old and a rescue pup. Him, his 3 brothers and sisters and his Mum are at my local RSPCA. We actually went on Sunday to go dogwalking as we’re volunteers there, then promptly fell in love with him! We’ve got to visit him a few more times and be home vetted but fingers crossed it all goes fine and we get to take him home soon 🙂 And wish me luck with house training :p Having never done it before!
Feel free to try to guess his heritage. So far I think people have counted about 7 different breeds in him which sounds about right!

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