Early Impressions of the 3DS

Rather exciteably I picked up my shiny new Aqua Blue 3DS on Friday, although not as early as I hoped.

I pre-ordered it through a friend who’s manager of a local store. It meant that I got a month’s free rentals there and the satisfaction of knowing I was getting it from somewhere that I could have a good conversation.

The problem was it turned out I was the ONLY person to pre-order a 3DS there. That meant no midnight launch. Then I discovered that the guy wasn’t in work till 2.30pm that day, aaargh.

So I went shopping with my Mum first to use up my enthusiasm and to maybe buy a 3DS game or two thanks to having credit at both Game and HMV.

In the end I didn’t buy any 3DS games. The line up was awkward.

I already had Ridge Racer and Nintendogs in the house to review so that was those two covered. Pilotwings, I was very interested in but I was concerned at how short it’s meant to be. Ghost Recon was tempting but I’m not the biggest fan of the genre or Ghost Recon on the whole. It was a similar tale with Street Fighter IV and PES2011 3D, all tempting but I just couldn’t decide.

So I bought Lego Star Wars III for the 360 instead. Love the Lego games so it made sense. Plus HMV gave me a free Yoda pen which was very kind of them considering I’m sure it was meant to be a pre-order bonus.

Anyway, one nice shopping trip down plus a visit to Burger King, and it was time to go pick up the 3DS.

It was an exciting time 🙂 Even my friend who has no interest in handhelds seemed rather intrigued and excited about it. He had the first go of Face Raiders. Silly but excellent fun. Nice freebie really.

I had a brief go of Super Monkey Ball but admittedly I found the 3D effect far too overwhelming. Maybe I’ll try it again at a later date but I’m not so sure. I’m not much of a Super Monkey Ball fan anyhow so it’s no great loss.

I picked up Ghost Recon to rent. I’m planning on taking it back tomorrow, not because it’s rubbish (it’s pretty promising) but because I want to try as many games as possible in my short rental period. I can always go back to it once I’ve tried some others.

The 3DS itself is a pretty impressive piece of kit.

It needs more games. Well, not more games, but games with more content to them. Ridge Racer is so far great but it lacks online multiplayer. Nintendogs is OK but it’s Nintendogs again. Ghost Recon stands out to me the most. I want a platformer or RPG really though. Roll on Zelda eh?

I’ve not had any problems with eye strain or anything though, but I’ll admit I do tend to turn the 3D slider down to about halfway for optimum comfort. Otherwise some games can look a little silly.

I’ve still not tried the AR stuff. Must do that. Loving Face Raiders for simplicity though and can’t wait for the store to open up.

Most of all though, I’ve had no regrets with my purchase. The promise is there quite clearly and it’s a solid feeling piece of kit!

When I got home, I also discovered I had a voucher from Tesco which was a surprise, so I’m picking up Super Street Fighter IV for £10 tomorrow. Should be good!

I’ll stick some links up for reviews of Ridge Racer and Nintendogs once they go up.

Pimping myself out moment: if anyone wants to supply me with any other 3DS games to review, please do let me know 😉

Oh and the obligatory photo of ‘Oooh I spent money’:

I’ll stick some more serious thoughts on the 3DS up at a later date. For now, I’ll enjoy gushing about my new toy 😛

3 thoughts on “Early Impressions of the 3DS

  1. Strident

    Having been more than a little reticent to pick up a 3DS (I actually cancelled my first pre-order before placing a new one a couple of days before release) I’m actually pretty glad I picked one up. Those launch prices were just too good to resist.

    I was worried that the 3D would give me headaches but I’ve been fine so far. The AR games make me pretty motion sick though; the combination of the 3D and moving the handheld is too much for me.

    I’ve got Pilotwings on rental and you’re right, I think that’s the best way to experience it.

    I’m really enjoying Shadow Wars. I’ve never played anything with Tom Clancy in the title but I’m a big fan of Julian Gollop’s turn-based games. It’s basically just a DS game but it’s a good DS game.

    I need to spend a bit more time with Nintendogs+Cats. There doesn’t seem to be many new additions, in terms of features, but I guess it’s a good title to have in the catalogue for newcomers and deserves its place as it was (together with games like Walk with Me) one of the titles that pioneered some of the new features of the handheld.

    (I also want as many Streetpass enabled games as possible in the unlikely event that I’ll actually encounter someone else with a 3DS locally! I’ll probably make Street Fighter my next rental)

  2. Haly Post author

    I’ve got a similar problem with Streetpass. I doubt anyone locally will have one! But it’s a great idea at least 🙂

  3. Anthony

    I must admit, I’ve been umming and ahhing over the 3DS for the past six months and managed to finally resist buying one. I just can’t see that many games that are must get release titles. Down the line I can see shiny promises that might make me regret my reluctance, but at the moment there doesn’t seem to be much.

    I do want to see the spangly goggless 3D effects though. I haven’t even had the opportunity to lay eyes on a 3DS yet. Grrrr. Ah well, I was happy enough picking up Crysis 2 last Friday I suppose.

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